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$ gawk { total = 0 for (i = 1; i 4; i++) { total += $i } avg = total / 3 printf "Average: %5.1f\n",avg } data5 Average: 128.3 Average: 137.7 Average: 176.7 $
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Using this technique, you can both save data in les and display the data on the monitor for your users:
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LAG Subgroups
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Employee Jones, James Smith, Charles Taylor, Sarah Walters, Mark Zur, Mike
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Dependent variables (results)
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The other way to define a new field involves adding the control to the page first and then creating the field for it:
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The purpose of the Date function is to output the date in a custom format. Thus, rather than the standard date format:
To establish a namespace for an XML document, name it in the root element and then use it with the element tags inside the document. Listing 2.9 is an example of a docu-
6.2 Principles and application of near-infrared spcctroscopy
Table 7-7 The BodyTag-interface constant
n Pr[Nc = n] = PL ( 1 + 2 + + L ), n = PL (1 PL ),
Determine operating system-level encryption requirements such as encryption of sensitive system files. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Identify encryption technologies within your operating system that may be used at the network and application levels. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Assess the strength of the key management mechanism used for file system encryption at the operating system level. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
n Goodman, G. S. (1984) Children stestimony i historical perspective ,Journal of Social Issues, vol. 40, 9-31. pp.
(Schnoeckel et a]., 1989)
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n No firewall Don t choose this option, because it does not check against requests for services. Even if your system is not currently providing services, it s best to not select this option (things can change as the system grows). n Enable firewall The preferred selection. It provides a modicum of security against malicious entities that may want to attack your systems. Only the default services are allowed at this level, and you can configure access for more services as needed. Some of the defaults are: Remote login (SSH) An encrypted protocol that replaces the vulnerable telnet protocol. With SSH you can log in to the system with an interactive shell, as well as securely transfer files interactively (SFTP) or noninteractively (SCP). For more information on this, type man ssh at the command line after installation.
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