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In this case, the application is trying to retrieve the value of the property maxValue specified in the enterprise bean s environment. This value is set in the enterprise bean s deployment descriptor as shown here:
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The output shows that 1653 ports scanned on this address were closed (blocked from access) and 6 were open. Services not filtered include TCP ports 21, 22, 53, 80, 113, and 4000 (which you made available when you set up the firewall earlier). The seven services shown as open in the example all have servers running currently and listening on the open ports. It s possible that you won t have access to a Linux machine on the Internet to test outside access to your computer. If you have another computer on your LAN, try running nmap from that computer. If you have only Windows machines, you can always run a bootable Linux and try nmap from that.
"The most important thing to design is the user's conceptual model. Everything else should be subordinated to making that model clear, obvious, and substantial. That is almost exactly the opposite of how most software is designed." (David Liddle, 1996, p. 17)
Damn Small s default desktop is pretty simple. The window manager is the powerful, yet efficient, FluxBox window manager (based on BlackBox). Right-click the desktop to see a menu of features you can select. Here are a few things you want to do when you first boot up Damn Small: Enhance your desktop Right-click to see the Damn Small menu, and then select Desktop Full Enhanced Desktop. This adds some icons to your desktop to launch applications, some applets in the lower-right corner to display system information, and a workspace editor. Select Desktop again if you want to change the styles (colors and window borders), or Configuration to change desktop behavior. Get a network connection If you don t automatically get on the Internet at boot time, select System Net Setup from the Damn Small menu. Then you can choose to configure your Ethernet card, DSL connection, dial-up modem, or wireless card.
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Part II Running the Show
In this chapter, I make the assumption that you are a Java programmer and not necessarily familiar with Objective-C. The next few sections explain the Objective-C source for the screen saver project you created and tested. Objective-C, like Java, is an Object-Oriented Programming language (OOP). Many concepts you already know from Java apply to Objective-C.
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