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the spectrum of the protonated compound is attributed to the C-OH; stretching vibration. The shift of the C-H stretching vibrations toward higher wavenumbers can be explained by a change in the hybridization of the carbon atom from sp' to sp2, which increases the force constant of the C -H bond relative to that of pure methanol (Spiekermann, 1975).
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FIGURE 21.5 Create a simple letter using mm macros.
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The for statement in the inner loop speci es to iterate until the b variable is equal to 100. However, the if-then statement in the inner loop speci es that when the b variable value is equal to ve, the break command is executed. Notice that even though the inner loop is terminated with the break command, the outer loop continues working as speci ed.
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Hiding and unhiding columns
Timer Hello Forward delay
How General Motors Is Collaborating Online
Part VI
Since many middle-sized and large companies already have an ERP system, or are installing one, and since EC needs to interface with ERP, it makes sense to tightly integrate the two. Such interface is needed mainly for order ful llment and for collaboration with business partners, as in the case of inventory managed by suppliers (the P&G-WalMart situation, cited earlier). Efforts to integrate EC with ERP are still in their infancy in many organizations. ERP vendors started to integrate EC with ERP only since 1997 on a small scale and only since 2000 as a major initiative (see Siau and Messersmith, 2002). For example, SAP started building some EC interfaces in 1997, and in 1999 introduced as a major initiative. The mySAP initiative is a multifaceted Internet product that includes EC, online trading sites, an information portal, application hosting, and more user-friendly graphical interfaces (see Online File W8.7). An example of EC/ERP integration is presented in IT At Work 8.5.
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If a customer does not have STP enabled in its network, the provider can enable STP in VPLS to eliminate the forwarding loops. In this case, STP must be enabled in the VPLS core to block the SAPs connected to the customer s redundant forwarding paths. In Figure A.15, STP is enabled in the service instances of three PE routers, and the redundant SAPs in PE-2 and PE-3 are put into the discard state. When the dual-home links fail or the backdoor link fails, the redundant SAPs are put into the forwarding state to restore connectivity. For the VPLS s STP instance to work in this topology, customer switches can either participate in the STP or transparently flood the BPDUs received from the VPLS. The configuration of the STP in the VPLS is the same as the previous section s configuration in which VPLS is participating in STP with the customer switches: The service provider should enable STP in the VPLS service instance of each PE router. If desired, configure the STP parameters to control the location of the Root Bridge. In this example, because only the VPLS core is running STP, the Root Bridge is a VSI in the VPLS core. The same VSI acts as the Primary Bridge. Figure A.16 illustrates an example of the STP configuration in such a network. Figure A.16 illustrates the redundant SAPs blocked by the STP in the VPLS service instance, resulting in the end-to-end VPLS being loop-free. However, the solution of using only the provider s VPLS STP instance to prevent forwarding loops works only if the VPLS core is the only portion of the network that contains the redundant paths, so that VPLS STP can find the loops and remove them. If the loop is contained solely in the customer s network, VPLS STP may not eliminate it. The customer must enable STP in its network to eliminate its own loops.
Other aspects of the long-range plan should include anticipated software and hardware upgrades and replacements. What is the customer s anticipated refresh cycle for hardware and software The customer will need to consider whether software, as well as hardware, refreshes are part of the deal. Similarly, the customer will need to evaluate what additional equipment it will require. Does the customer anticipate any major volume changes The customer should consider its current and future business needs. This includes new and divested sites and anticipated expansion. More often than not, the outsourcing team works in a vacuum, and partway into negotiations a businessperson will tell the team that some significant restructuring or organizationwide initiative will affect the transaction. The outsourcing team must be tapped into management its own and often its parent company s to understand the direction the customer is going in. 2.7 SELECTING A GROUP OF POTENTIAL VENDORS
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