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These buttons, consisting of video on animated 3D planes, are examples of Blend s capacity for merging video, animation, 3D, and interactivity.
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FIGURE 15.2 How a computer virus can spread.
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Table A.6 STP versus RSTP Port States and Roles
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Make sure that any data that you want to keep is backed up before you delete the partition. When you delete a partition, all its data is gone.
One of the biggest challenges at that time was to develop computers that could be accessible and usable by other people, besides engineers, to support tasks involving human cognition (e.g., doing sums, writing documents, managing accounts, drawing plans). To make this possible, computer scientists and psychologists became involved in designing user interfaces. Computer scientists and software engineers developed high-level programming languages (e.g., BASIC, Prolog), system architectures, software design methods, and command-based languages to help in such tasks, while psychologists provided information about human capabilities (e.g., memory, decision making). The scope afforded by the interactive computing technology of that time (i.e., the combined use of visual displays and interactive keyboards) brought about many new challenges. Research into and development of graphical user interfaces (GUI for short, pronounced "goo-ee") for office-based systems took off in a big way. There was much research into the design of widgets (e.g., menus, windows, palettes, icons) in terms of how best to structure and present them in a GUI. In the mid '80s, the next wave of computing technologies-including speech recognition, multimedia, information visualization, and virtual reality-presented even more opportunities for designing applications to support even more people. Education and training were two areas that received much attention. Interactive learning environments, educational software, and training simulators were some of the main outcomes. To build these new kinds of interactive systems, however, required a different kind of expertise from that of psychologists and computer programmers. Educational technologists, developmental psychologists, and training experts joined in the enterprise. As further waves of technological development surfaced in the '90s-networking, mobile computing, and infrared sensing-the creation of a diversity of applications for all people became a real possibility. All aspects of a person's lifeat home, on the move, at school, at leisure as well as at work, alone, with family or friends-began to be seen as areas that could be enhanced and extended by designing and integrating various arrangements of computer technologies. New ways of learning, communicating, working, discovering, and living were envisioned.
12 Understanding Java Authentication and Authorization Services
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Note that PowerShell s where-object Cmdlet uses the eq operator for is equal to where WQL uses the equal (=) sign, even when it is invoked from PowerShell. There are cases where it is necessary to use Where-Object for example, when searching for a regular expression with the match operator, which has no equivalent in WQL. But as a rule it is best to avoid using Where-Object if criteria can be specified at the get stage. To understand why, imagine that instead of retrieving one drive from a list of five, you are querying Win32_UserAccount objects on a domain controller to find one user among 5,000 or even 50,000. Obviously, a form that retrieves many objects and passes every one into where-object only to throw most of them away is much less efficient than one that returns only the required objects in the first place, which is what the where WQL clause does. Just as the Class switch is, in effect, a way of specifying a FROM clause, Get-WMIobject has a -Filter switch to specify a WHERE clause, and a -Property switch to handle selecting fields. For example, the following:
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