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It would be better to import the individual class and interfaces by their full names, as in the following:
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be able to locate the whereabouts of each truck in real time, using global positioning systems (GPSs). The aim is to make scheduling and dispatching more effective. In the summer of 2002 only about 700 technicians used the wireless system, but already the company was saving $7 million per year. Each technician has been able to handle one more service call each day than previously. PBG provided the wireless capability to about 300 more technicians in 20 more locations in late 2002, and many more technicians will be similarly equipped later on. For Further Exploration: What are the capabilities of the hand-held devices Relate the hand-held devices to the mobile database. The case deals with the maintenance issue. In what ways, if any, can wireless help with stocking issues
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$ curl http://localhost/RecipeCenter/ <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystyle.css" /> <link rel="stylesheet" media="print" type="text/css" href="print.css" /> <title>The Recipe Center</title> </head> <body> <table width="100%" border="0">
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Fig. 10.14.
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Running a Mail Server
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Adding Error Handling to the wileystruts Application
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The Parts of the Macros IDE Managing Projects and Modules Creating a New Project Loading and Unloading Projects Saving Your Project Default Macro Location Creating a New Module Renaming Projects and Modules Deleting a Module Running a Macro Stopping a Macro Using the Code Editor in the Macros IDE Collapsible Code Working with Blocks of Code Debugging a Macro
Trade-offs between costs and benefits of control actions
The following strategies can be used in variance with the value-object pattern: The updateable-value-objects strategy The multiple-value-objects strategy
Exit Rights
SHOWPLAN_ALL displays the operators as a result set. It exposes the same information as the graphical execution plan. The executing statement is returned in the rst row and every operator is returned as subsequent rows. (This is a deprecated feature and will be eliminated in a future version.) SHOWPLAN_TEXT is very similar to SHOWPLAN_ALL except that the executing statement and the operations are in separate result sets and only the stmt text ( rst column) is displayed. The SHOWPLAN_TEXT option, along with the SET STATISTICS options, may also be toggled graphically within Query Editor. Use the context menu s Query Options command to open the Query Properties and you can nd the showplan options by selecting Execution Advanced. (This is also a deprecated feature that will be eliminated in a future version.) SHOWPLAN_XML displays more detail than any other method of viewing the execution plan, and it offers the bene t of storing and displaying unstructured data, so it can display additional information that may not pertain to all execution plans. For example, in the <Statement> element, SHOWPLAN_XML displays the Query Optimizer optimization level, or the reason why the Query Optimizer returned this execution plan. For the XML version of
A checklist menu, with status specifying if the item is checked or not. Error message box. Input textbox. You can specify the default value using the init value. Menu selection box title and a list of items identi ed by a tag. Simple message box with speci ed text. Password input textbox that hides user input. A radiolist menu, with status specifying if the item is selected or not. Returns items on separate lines for checklist and radiolist menus. Sorry message box. Textbox displaying the contents of file, alternatively speci ed by width and height. Speci es a title for the TitleBar area of the dialog window. Warning message box with Yes and No buttons. Warning message box with Continue and Cancel buttons.
dealt with here is either hardware directlyrelated to local area networks, or hardware that is vitally important for a local area network. When faced with the need to invest or upgrade, it is essential to have a clear idea of the importance of these components in the network This chapter focuses malnly on the server, since this is the most critical part of the local area network When someone is about to specify the requirements to be met by a server, they should know what a server comprises and understand the importance of the various parts of the computer. We shall also look as the following parts of a local area network: Hardware used for backup is an important part of the network We shall look more closely at this particular task in 6. Network Interface Cards (NICs) are essential in a network in order to establish communication. We shall take a closer look at how NICs work and the types of card that are available. For users, it is the workstations that are important. Much of the material about servers is also relevant for workstations. The subject will therefore be dealt with generally.
If you try to download any of the demos described in the following sections, make sure you have plenty of disk space available. It is common for one of these demos to require several hundred megabytes of disk space.
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