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DRIVERS OF MOBILE COMPUTING AND M-COMMERCE. In addition to the value-added attributes just discussed, the development of mobile computing and m-commerce is driven by the following factors.
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Basic Brand Belief VI
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Does the vendor require any special screening of employees (e.g., drug testing) Will the vendor require transitioned employees to sign an employment agreement Develop an employee communication plan. Determine whether any stay bonuses/incentives are necessary. Does the customer require any asset purchase or assumption of leases/licenses Consider facility, hardware, and software. What is the current hardware being used Will the vendor be required to purchase/lease/use the existing hardware Does the customer own or lease the hardware What are the lease terms (e.g., length, right to access/relocate) What are the maintenance requirements What are the refresh requirements Is the hardware dedicated/shared Will the hardware be able to run future versions of the software Whose responsibility is compatibility What are the current capacity requirements of the customer What are the future capacity requirements At what capacity is the hardware currently run Who is responsible for additional hardware requirements Will the vendor s tools be able to run on the hardware What impact will the tools have on capacity/performance What are the vendor s responsibility to purchase additional/new hardware What is the current software being used Will the vendor be required to purchase/license/use the existing software Does the customer own or license the software What are the license terms (e.g., length, right to access/relocate) What are the maintenance requirements What are the refresh requirements Is the software dedicated/shared
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The <jms-destination-type> element becomes <message-destination-type>, as follows:
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Although Qt and GTK+ are the big hammers of Linux graphical development, there are many other toolkits, frameworks, and libraries that you can use to develop GUIbased applications for Linux. The following list, arranged alphabetically, describes some of the most common ones. Most of these toolkits and frameworks describe widget sets, which are implemented in one or more programming libraries. Widget is the term applied to a user interface abstraction, such as a scrollbar or a button, created using the toolkit. Athena The Athena library was one of the earliest widget libraries available for the X Window System. It was a thin layer of abstraction on top of raw Xlib calls that made it slightly less painful to create scrollbars, text entry boxes, and other typical GUI elements. It is part of the standard X11 distribution. 3-D Athena Toolkit The 3D Athena Toolkit was a 3D version of the original Athena toolkit. It gave Athena a 3D look and was a considerable visual improvement over plain vanilla Athena. The 3D Athena toolkit, although no longer widely used, is still available on the Web at graphics/3d/xaw3d.html. FLTK FLTK, which is pronounced full tick, is an acronym for the Fast Light Toolkit. FLTK is a GUI for X, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Written in C++, FLTK makes it possible to write GUIs that look almost identical regardless of the platform on which the GUI runs. FLTK also supports OpenGL graphics. You can find more information about FLTK on the Web at XForms XForms is a GUI toolkit based on Xlib. It isn t highly configurable like the other GUI toolkits discussed in this section, but its simplicity makes XForms easier to use than the other graphical toolkits. It comes with a GUI builder that makes it fast and easy to get working application up and running. More information about XForms can be found on the Web at OpenGL OpenGL is the industry-standard 3D graphics toolkit. It provides the most realistic and lifelike graphics currently available for the X Window System. It is generally available as part of XFree86. More information about OpenGL is available on the Web at Motif Motif was one of the first widget or interface toolkits available for the X Window System that combined both an interface toolkit and a window manager. Originally available only as a commercial product, it is now available in an open source version at
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The following interaction interfaces enable a component to drive an interaction with an EIS instance: Interaction The Interaction interface defines methods that enable an application component to execute EIS functions. It provides two variants of the execute method. One takes three parameters, an input Record, an output Record and an InteractionSpec instance. This method executes the EIS function represented by the InteractionSpec and updates the output Record. The other variant takes two parameters, an input Record and an InteractionSpec. This method executes the EIS function represented by InteractionSpec and produces the output Record as a return value. InteractionSpec The InteractionSpec instance is used to hold the properties that are used by the Interaction instance to interact with the EIS. The CCI defines a set of standard properties for the InteractionSpec interface, but the implementation class is only required to support a property if the property is relevant to the underlying EIS. Standard properties include FunctionName (a string representing the name of the EIS function) and InteractionVerb (an integer representing the mode of interaction with an EIS instance).
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where c denotes concentration [mol/L], d thickness [cm] and 3 wavenumber [cm should be seen that in Eqs. 6.4-12 F does not denote a dielectric property ( E ) .
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Note that equation (9.23) is equivalent to Eq. (15) of Ref. 42 and to Eq. (12) of Ref. 43, which involves a sum of Gauss hypergeometric functions.3 Furthermore, using a partial fraction expansion on the integrand of (9.21), we obtain, with the help of the same Gradshteyn Ryzhik equation [36, p. 185, Eq. (2.562.1)], the
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