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The for loop should normally have iterated through all of the values speci ed in the list. However, when the if-then condition was satis ed, the shell executed the break command, which stopped the for loop. This technique also works for while and until loops:
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======================================== Checking status of WinMgmt ======================================== Service is running normally. ========================================
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dir *.gps | get-content | where {$_ -like $GPRM* } Get-Content returns an array of strings and this has a useful side effect. This example uses GPS
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ClickOnce ClickOnce (Web) (Installed)
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You use queries in an Access project the same way you use them in an Access database to view, change, add, or delete data. Projects provide three types of queries for working with data: Views Stored procedures User-defined functions As 33 explains, project tables are not stored within the Access project. Neither are views, stored procedures, and user-defined functions. Instead, they are stored in the server database.
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Creating Styles and Using Resources
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Saturation activity
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Working with Breakpoints
Many unstructured and semistructured problems are so complex that they require expertise for their solutions. Such expertise can be provided by a knowledge-based system, such as an expert system. Therefore, the more advanced DSSs are equipped with a component called a knowledge-based (or an intelligent) subsystem. Such a component can provide the required expertise for solving some aspects of the problem, or provide knowledge that can enhance the operation of the other DSS components. The knowledge component consists of one or more expert (or other intelligent) systems, or it draws expertise from the organizational knowledge base (see 10). A DSS that includes such a component is referred to as an intelligent DSS, a DSS/ES, or a knowledge-based DSS (KBDSS). An example of a KBDSS is in the area of estimation and pricing in construction. It is a complex process that requires the use of models as well as judgmental factors. The KBDSS includes a knowledge management subsystem with 200 rules incorporated with the computational models. (For details, see Kingsman and deSouza, 1997.)
The Or operator is used to specify multiple values for a field. For example, you use the Or operator if you want to see all records of owners of fish or frogs or ducks. To do this, follow these steps:
Figure A.5 RSTP Blocked Port Roles: Alternate Port and Backup Port
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