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Figure 7.20 illustrates the use of a manual bypass tunnel that is not merged back to an NNHop router for node protection of the LSP. In all the cases, manual bypass tunnels are always preferred over dynamic signaled tunnels, provided they can provide the desired protection. When manual bypass tunnels are not available, the routers will try to signal the dynamic bypass tunnels to provide FRR protection.
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the liquid-side mass transfer coefficient according to [61] and the gas-side mass transfer coefficient according to Wehmeier (see Ref. [85]). Figure 9.9 shows a comparison of the simulated and measured gas-phase concentrations of NO and NO2 throughout the whole absorption plant. The zigzag form of the simulated concentration profiles results from switching different sections of each single column (see Ref. [35]). Good agreement between experimental and simulation results can be definitely observed here. In Fig. 9.10, the experimental and simulated liquid-phase concentrations of HNO3 and HNO2 throughout the absorption plant are demonstrated. They also match each other. Only for the first two columns one observes larger deviations between the experiments and simulated results. This can be attributed to the fact that at high concentration of HNO3 reactions (R5) to (R7), which are assumed to be irreversible, convert to reversible ones, but data on their rate constants are lacking.
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FIGURE 16.9 The Viewbox shows a specific part of an image in the smaller window on the left and reveals the rest of the image in a larger window on the right.
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Basically, you want all important ideas that you need to convey to be larger, centered, and perhaps involved in movement (because that tends to catch the eye more readily than a stationary object). For example, you can stage a scene with opening doors to indicate that the eye is to see what s inside, as shown in Figure 15.3. Or you might stage a scene so that objects that foreshadow later events are part of the background while the main action takes place such as a large picture of a famous person who will appear later in the story. Or you might stage a scene so that the background is character defining, with, for example, diplomas on the wall or many books.
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ellipsometric measurements under ATR conditions seem to be more appropriate. An experimental example is given in the following section. The outstanding advantage of determining all four Stokes parameters is that they define the state of polarization completely. As a consequence, the spectrum of the degree of polarization P as commonly defined as well as the spectrum of a similar quantity P p l , referring to the phase A can be derived. The latter is closely related to the degree of coherence as introduced by Born and Wolf (1980). It is reduced when the detected radiation comprises components with different values of A, since due to averaging one has
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Companies that do outsource all or part of their finance function often want to turn over managerial and operational responsibility of a finance function in conjunction with the reengineering of their financial methodologies and systems. Such reengineering may involve the development and implementation of new methodologies and/or systems or customization of off-the-shelf or standard third-party methodologies and/or systems (e.g., an SAP implementation). Outsourcing transactions that include business process reengineering and BPO are more complex, often involving multiple documents and requiring the parties to address issues such as cross-termination and cross-default.
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This is one of the most powerful and important features for organizing and sorting your photos in Lightroom: applying filters determines which photos will be shown in the preview area and Filmstrip. Filters can also be used to search your catalog for specific images. Filters are configured using the Filter Bar at the top of the main preview area (see Figure 3 62) and from the top, right section of the Filmstrip (see Figure 3 63). If the Filter Bar is not showing, use the shortcut or the option under the View menu.
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If your desktop crashes immediately or shows only garbled text, try to create a new X configuration file. With the X server, that file is /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
You can use any text editor to create documents for both Linux s Groff (troff/nroff) and LaTeX styles of publishing. Most Linux distributions come with several text editors. You always have the option to download others from the Internet. (See the Choosing a Text Editor sidebar for more information.)
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Major reasons for failure are insuf cient cash ow, too
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about the risky and successful split S just after the official criticism of the maneuver. Paul Tudor Jones instantaneous reversal from betting on stocks to betting against stocks qualifies as the gutsiest trading move that I ever saw. In Top Gun, the instructors suggest that the other pilots learn not from the instinctual Maverick, but rather from the unemotional pilot Ice Man (played by Val Kilmer). Similarly, while we might all wish we could trade like Paul Tudor Jones, we probably should not attempt to mimic the instinctual nature of his trading. Recall from 3 that Professor Odean finds typical investors tend to make precisely the wrong moves. The nonprofessionals in Odean s study tended to buy bad stocks and sell good ones. For these investors the instinctual split S moves tend to lead to losses not profits. Professor Odean has published another study that confirms his earlier finding that trading is dangerous to most people s pocketbook. As with the previous work, this second study (coauthored with Professor Brad Barber) examined the brokerage accounts of thousands of individual investors. The goal was to look at the difference between men and women, and it has the provocative title of Boys will be boys. 12 In what way were boys being boys in this study Professors Barber and Odean found that men in this study were worse investors than women. Per each dollar invested, men earned significantly less money than women. In investigating the reasons for the gender difference, it turned out that men traded 45% more frequently than women. Every trade is costly so all other things being equal, the more an investor trades, the less money at the end of the year. All that extra trading definitely cost men. How about the actual stock selection Were men or women better at picking winning stocks Professors Odean and Barber found that men and women are equally bad at picking stocks. On average, every trade cost the investors money as compared with not trading. Men did worse simply because they traded more. The study concludes, Men lower their returns more than
Figure 20-11: Creating a toggle button
void stop() { // release Work instances, do clean up and return. } public class MyWork implements Work { /** * The WorkManager calls this method to hint the active Work * instance to complete execution. This is called on a separate * thread other than the one actually executing the Work instance. */ void release() { // set a flag to hint the Work instance to complete. } void run() { // do work (call application components, monitor network // ports etc.) } }
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