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Isolating Problems
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13: Case Studies in Network and Performance Management 821
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Several configuration files support how your shell behaves. Some of the files are executed for every user and every shell, while others are specific to the user who creates the configuration file. Table 2-5 shows the files that are of interest to anyone using the bash shell in Linux.
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Point-of-Local-Repair (PLR) Router Behavior
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awareness refers to capturing a broad range of contextual attributes to better understand what the consumer needs, and what products or services he or she might possibly be interested in. Context awareness is part of contextual computing, which refers to the enhancement of a user s interactions by understanding the user, the context, and the applications and information being used, typically across a wide set of user goals (see Pitkow et al., 2002 for details). Contextual computing is about actively adapting the computational environment for each user, at each point of computing. Contextual computing and context awareness are viewed by many as the Holy Grail of m-commerce, as contextual computing ultimately offers the prospect of applications that could anticipate our every wish and provide us what the exact information and services we are looking for and also help us lter all those annoying promotional messages that we really do not care for. Such applications are futuristic at the present time, but as shown in IT At Work 6.4 they already exist in a research university.
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and one obtains the final result for n b by using closure to remove the sum over states
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The commands (mount, exportfs, and so on) and files (/etc/exports, /etc/fstab, and so on) for actually configuring NFS are the same on every Linux system I ve encountered. So once you have NFS installed and running, just follow the instructions in this chapter to start using NFS.
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Icons available to represent your application are contained in the /usr/share/pixmaps directory. These icons are either in .png or .xpm formats. If there isn t an icon in the directory you want to use, create your own (in one of those two formats) and assign it to the application.
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Problems of Unit Variability in Metal-Containing Polymers
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Don t worry if the second line does not print out a message as this example shows. That simply means that the module has already been configured. At this point, Apache should be ready to process HTTP requests, complete with processing of PHP files. To test it, create a file named /var/www/info.php containing a call to the phpinfo() function:
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