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For client computers to use some chat servers from behind the firewall, you need to add connection tracking and NAT as well. In those cases, addresses and port numbers are stored within the IRC protocol packets, so those packets must be translated, too. To allow clients on your LAN to use IRC services, you need to load the following modules:
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Part V
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Unlike selecting all the fields, the asterisk places a reference to all the fields in a single column. When you drag multiple columns, as in the preceding example, you drag actual table field names to the query. If you later change the design of the table, you also have to change the design of the query. The advantage of using the asterisk for selecting all fields is that the query doesn t need to be changed if you add, delete, or rename fields in the underlying table or query. Changing fields in the underlying table or query automatically adds fields to or removes fields from the query.
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WHAT IS DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Document management is the automated control of electronic documents, page images, spreadsheets, word processing documents, and other complex documents through their entire life cycle within an organization, from initial creation to nal archiving. Document management offers various bene ts: It allows organizations to exert greater control over production, storage, and distribution of documents, yielding greater ef ciency in the reuse of information, the control of a document through a work ow process, and the reduction of product cycle times. Electronic delivery of documents has been around since 1999, with UPS and the U.S. Post Of ce playing a major role in such service. They deliver documents electronically over a secured system (e-mail is not secured), and they are able to deliver complex documents such as large les and multimedia videos (which can be dif cult to send via e-mail). (See, and take the test drive there.) The need for greater ef ciency in handling business documents to gain an edge on the competition has fueled the increased availability of document management systems, also known as electronic document management. Essentially, document management systems (DMSs) provide information in an electronic format to decision makers. The full range of functions that a document management system may perform includes document identi cation, storage, and retrieval; tracking; version control; work ow management; and presentation. The Thomas Cook Company, for example, uses a document management system to handle travel-refund applications. The system works on the PC desktop and has automated the work ow process, helping the rm double its volume of business while adding only about 33 percent more employees (see Cole, 1996). Another example is the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, which uses imaging systems to increase productivity of tax return processing by about 80 percent (see, 2001). Document management deals with knowledge in addition to data and information. See Asprev and Middleton (2003) for an overview and for the relationship of document management with knowledge management. The major tools of document management are work ow software, authoring tools, scanners, and databases (object-oriented mixed with relational, known as object-relational database management systems; see Technology Guide 3). Document management systems usually include computerized imaging systems that can result in substantial savings, as shown in Online File W11.2. One of the major vendors of document management is Lotus Development Corporation. Its document databases and their replication property provide
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Considering the issues in the previous section helps the designer to envision a product. These ideas must be thought through in more detail before being prototyped
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Connecting to the Internet with Wireless
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FTP Client
OPERATING SYSTEM Encrypt in the operating system. Perhaps the most obvious example of operating system encryption would be file system-based encryption. In this case, the operating system manages the encryption keys used to encrypt files on the hard drive. Generally speaking, file system encryption does make hacking more difficult; but, because the operating system is inherently limited in the assumptions it can make about the use of information, encryption at the file level, rather than at the individual application-managed data component level (as in a field in a database or an email message), results in more security vulnerabilities than when encryption is performed at the application level. Operating system-level encryption tends to result in more information being left in the clear more often and with fewer safeguards.
For the Windows XP partition, the rootnoverify line indicates that GRUB should not try to mount the partition. In this case, Windows XP is on the first partition of the first hard disk (hd0,0) or /dev/sda1. Instead of mounting the partition and passing options to the new operating system, the chainloader +1 indicates to hand control the booting of the operating system to another boot loader. The +1 indicates that the first sector of the partition is used as the boot loader.
TABLE 6-1 Enhanced Solubility of Minerals
Note 1 Free standing without heal sink 2 Measured on the GND pin close to plastic interface 3 Soldered to lnnmm' wpper clad 4 Soldered to 300mm2 copper clad
Vendor shall provide to Customer performance reports according to a schedule and in the format agreed upon by the Parties. ARTICLE 6. CHANGES IN THE SERVICES 1. Vendor reserves the right in its discretion to designate and make changes to the Services, the Service Levels, standards, operation procedures, access periods, Customer identification procedures, allocation and quantity of system resources utilized, and administrative and operational algorithms (each, a Change ); provided, however, that any such Change shall not have a material adverse impact on the Service Levels or cause a material increase to the Fees. Except as set forth in subsection (1) above, in the event a Party wishes to make a Change, such Party shall submit a written proposal to the other Parties describing such desired Change. The other Parties shall reject or accept the proposal in writing within a reasonable period of time, but in no event more than 30 days after receipt of the proposal. In the event the proposal is rejected, the writing shall include the reason for the rejection. In the event the proposal is accepted, the Parties shall determine the additions or modifications to be made to the Local Service Contract (including the Fees). Any such addition or modification shall be set forth in a written Change Order signed by the Parties. None of the Parties shall be obligated to accept a proposal submitted by another Party pursuant to this subsection. Vendor shall have no obligation to provide any service or otherwise act pursuant to any proposal submitted by Customer pursuant to this subsection, except to the extent such proposal is set forth in an executed Change Order. Customer shall promptly identify and notify Vendor of any changes in Law, including Customer s regulatory requirements, that may relate to Customer s use of the Services. The Parties shall work together to identify the impact of such changes on how Customer uses, and Vendor delivers, the Services. Customer shall be responsible for any fines and penalties arising from any noncompliance by Customer with any Law relating to Customer s use of the Services. Subject to the following sen-
TABLE 13-4
9: Understanding JNI
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