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Additional methods for FileService are:
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# chkconfig cupsd on # /etc/init.d/cups start
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You may want to move it to the Startup folder so that only the current user (rather than all users) runs the application on startup. To do this, you need to obtain a reference to the original folder and the destination folder, and then move the shortcut with the MoveFile method. Listing 11-12 shows how this can be handled.
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Transactions, connection pooling, and so on Container Remote invocation typically CORBA based, threading Persistent storage
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The remainder of this chapter summarizes the experiences and lessons learned from the deployment of one of the world s largest PKI-enabled networks called TradeWave, which supports more than $30 billion in online transactions with more than 3,000 users and 500 participating companies.
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Extended Events packages and objects Starting XE sessions Querying XE data with XPath
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Using Linux Securely
whereas for the Rice/Rayleigh case the simpli ed version of the result, analogous to (11.73), becomes [20] p t ( t ) = NI Pd PI
Building, Tuning, and Tweaking Linux
Termination Rights. Please discuss any termination rights that a customer or vendor would be required to include in a service contract of this type or termination right that a party would have by operation of law. Dispute Resolution. Please discuss any local laws or regulations limiting a party s ability to contract to be bound by: a. b. c. arbitration, mediation, or court decision.
Because you probably don t have a working Internet connection yet, find a way to copy scanModem.gz to your Linux system (maybe copy it to a flash drive or burn it to a CD). As root user from a Terminal window, type these commands, with that file in the current directory:
Figure 4-10: The Customer dataentry form
Type = 2
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