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FIGURE 11.13 Animating a logo to create a look of star shine with a drop shadow and reflection.
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Figure 6.7-16 Infrared absorbance spectra, recorded during cycloaddition of 1 and 3 in a CIl2C12 solution at 60 "C and IS00 bar. The series of spectra covers a reaction time of 4 hours. Each spectrum has been recorded within 1 minute. The initial concentrations are 0.04 inol of 1 and one mol of 3 per kg solution in CHzCI .
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Before you can work with an object in your VBA code, you must have a reference to it. A reference is simply a variable name. Instead of holding data, however, an object reference lets you work with an object in your code. There are two parts to obtaining an object reference. First, you must create a variable that is of the proper type to hold a reference to the specific kind of object you are dealing with. The preferred way to do this is as follows:
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No Contract/Restitution
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When this snippet is evaluated, it will result in an HTML snippet similar to the following:
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Instructions for creating reflections using visual brushes are found in chapter 6.
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FIGURE 49-1 An overview of the SQL Server security model shows how users are rst authenticated to the server, followed by the databases, and nally the objects within the databases. The circles represent how the user is identi ed.
Open a file
BumiputraCommerce Bank Burger King
nothing to the bill. We thus labeled the man Cheapskate (he had paid for the couple s dinner). We resolved that in future interactions, we would not allow Cheapskate to take advantage of us. We even practiced confronting Cheapskate over the bill. I had the turkey burger, what did you have Even though such displays are deeply embarrassing, we found them preferable to having Cheapskate take us for more money. Our role-playing was never put to use with Cheapskate because he met a fate similar to Elvis. He died on the toilet from a heart attack just weeks after shorting us on the bill. After his death, his girlfriend discovered that she had a big mess to clean up Cheapskate owed money to almost every single person he knew. A small-scale con artist with a drug dependency, Cheapskate had put the touch on everyone by borrowing money and never repaying it. Interestingly, although he owed many people money, his total debt was only a few thousand dollars. People were quick to cut him off. Just as he was never going to get more than $5 from me, others were not willing to make repeated loans. A lesson from Cheapskate s life is that it is hard to be a perennial borrower. People are built with instincts that prevent and limit exploitation. When we loan money, we expect repayment and stop lending to deadbeats. The same is true of countries. Those that consume more than they produce must return the favor or get cut off. The current account describes whether a country is consuming more or less than it is producing. Countries with current account surpluses, like Japan, are producing more than they consume. The excess Japanese production is being sent to other countries in return for IOUs in the form of money. The current account is the broadest measure of a country s consumption and includes everything from cars to movies, legal services, and investment income. Thus the current account includes the trade deficit and all other international transfers. As shown in Figure 6.1, unlike Japan, the United States has a large
A new Junk Mail feature was recently added to Mozilla Mail. With it, Mozilla Mail automatically tags any message it believes to be junk mail with a blue recycle-bin icon. Using the Junk Toolbar, you train the Junk Mail feature by telling it when a message is or isn t junk mail. After you have identified which messages are junk mail, you can automatically move incoming junk mail to the Junk folder.
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