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The Extended Events equivalent of starting a SQL Trace is a session. Sessions can be launched, queried, and stopped using T-SQL code. The following example launches a simple event that tracks when SQL Server performs checkpoints. Using the ring_buffer as the target captures the data in memory:
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3 A Hands-on Tour of Access 2002
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With your basic settings done, you should be ready to start sending and receiving your e-mail. Before you do, however, you should consider some of the other settings that can affect how you use mail: Automatically check messages You can set your e-mail client to automatically check and download your messages from the mail server every few minutes. Leave messages on server If you turn this feature on for a POP server, your e-mail messages remain on the server after you have downloaded them to your e-mail client. People sometimes turn this feature on if they want to check their mail messages while they are on the road yet want to download their messages from their permanent desktop computer later.
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We wlll look at a larger example, where again we use Website a s an example of security
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Part II Creating the Objects
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Using the Journal
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The Upgrade Rules page runs a set of rules to determine if the upgrade process will be blocked. Verify that all the rules pass before proceeding to the next step. The Cluster Upgrade Report page, shown in Figure 48-18, displays the upgrade status of the failover cluster nodes. Notice that the node state for NODE1 is Online, and for NODE2 it is Passive, as SQL2005INST1 is running on NODE1. The upgrade state for all nodes is Upgrade Pending. FIGURE 48-18 Cluster Upgrade Report page showing the upgrade status
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18 Reviewing Java Database Connectivity
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Java API for XML Remote Procedure Call
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Figure 1-21
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) was created to provide a standard way of marking text so that it could be output later in a variety of formats. Because SGML markup is done with text tags, you can create SGML documents using any plain-text editor. Documents consist of the text of your document and tags that identify each type of information in the text. Unlike markup languages such as Groff and TeX, SGML markup is not intended to enforce a particular look when you are creating the document. So, for example, instead of marking a piece of text as being bold or italic, you would identify it as an address, a paragraph, or a name. Later, a style sheet would be applied to the document to assign a look and presentation to the tagged text. HTML is an example of SGML markup. Because SGML consists of many tags, other projects have cropped up to simplify producing documents based on SGML and to better focus the ways in which SGML is used. In particular, the Extensible Markup Language (XML) was created to offer a manageable subset of SGML that would be specifically tailored to work well with Web-based publishing. So far in this description of SGML and XML, I ve discussed only the frameworks that are used to produce structured documents. Specific documentation projects need to create and, to some extent, enforce specific markup definitions for the type of documents they need to produce. These definitions are referred to as Data Type Definitions (DTDs). For documentation of Linux itself and other open source projects, DocBook has become the DTD of choice.
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Application activity
$ echo $PATH /usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin $
IT At Work 14.5 shows a successful story of a using an ASP as a contracted partner to develop an e-biz application. For a study about satisfaction with ASP services see Susarla et al. (2003).
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WScript.Path: Returns the path to the script host, such as: C:\WIN2000\System32
Performance Tuning and Optimization
Part II Running the Show
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