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SQL Server 2008 failover clustering is built on top of Windows failover clustering to provide high availability for the entire SQL Server 2008 instance. A highavailability SQL Server solution masks the effects of a hardware or software failure and maintains the availability of SQL Server so that any downtime for users is minimized. Achieving 100 percent uptime is desirable but virtually impossible, if for no other reason than that at certain times, a security patch or service pack must be applied to the production server to make it secure and stable. This is where the concept of nines comes into play. The percentage of uptime all companies should strive for is some variation of 99.x percent where x is the speci ed number of nines. Five nines is 99.999 percent uptime for your server, which is considered to be
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Utility Computing
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Figure 13-20: Using multiple Ands and Ors across fields on one line. Notice that the Squirrel Or Cat has been added to a single line in the Criteria: cell.
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Service 2 SAP PW 4 x 1GB LAG in the MPLS backbone
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Anchoring a cell places it and the photo it contains in the same position on all pages. With this feature, along with the fact that you can overlap images, you can create all kinds of elaborate layouts, including customized background, logo or branding elements, etc. that extend far beyond what you can do with identity plates or watermarks. Note that the option for Lock to Photo Aspect Ratio is not available in Custom Package. You can, however, Rotate to Fit and Rotate Cells in Custom Package. I hope the functionality offered by the addition of the Custom Package inspires you to put together all kinds of creative print layouts that were diffic ult or impossible before. Instead of simply having photos in your catalog, imagine having a set of additional graphics, created in Photoshop, that you use to combine with your photos to make exciting print layouts. Save a template Particularly with Print layouts, if you spend any significant amount of time working on a layout, be sure to save a template when you re done. If you make changes to the layout and want to update the template with the new settings, use the Template Browser menu options to Update with Current Settings.
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However, it s not enough just to gather information on a competitor. Analyzing and interpreting the information is as important as collecting it. For these tasks, one can use IT tools ranging from intelligent agents (software tools that allow the automation of tasks that require intelligence; see 11) to data mining (searching in large databases for relationships among bits of data, using specialized logic tools, see 11). For example, J.P. Morgan Chase (New York) uses data mining to track several sources of information. Chase s goal is to determine the possible impact of the information on the bank, the customers, and the industry. Another, more sinister, aspect of competitive intelligence is industrial espionage. Corporate spies, which actually do exist in some industries, look for con dential marketing plans, cost analyses, proposed products/services, and strategic plans. Industrial espionage is considered to be unethical and usually illegal. One type of industrial espionage is the theft of portable computers at airports, hotels, and conferences. Many of the thieves are interested in the information stored in the computers, not the computers themselves. Protecting against such activities is an important part of maintaining competitive advantage. This topic is discussed in 15, and in McGonagle and Vella (1998). This section has shown that IT can contribute to a rm s competitive advantage, and pro tability, in many ways. In order to understand how and why this is so we next examine two classical strategic models.
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(costs) of their ports to the root. In a switch, the port closest to the Root Bridge is the Root Port (RP). In any LAN segments, the port closest to the Root Bridge is the Designated Port (DP). After these elections and comparisons, the ports that are not elected to be either RP or DP are blocked. Therefore, the redundant forwarding path is eliminated, and the most optimal forwarding path becomes the active forwarding path that carries the traffic. The operator can control the forwarding path by manipulating the STP parameters (Bridge Priority, Path Cost, and Port Priority).
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The LooksAlive and IsAlive setting should not be touched, and the query select @@servername that IsAlive runs against the SQL Server cannot be changed.
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If an intruder gains access to your Linux system to try to take over control of that system (and use it for more than just a hit-and-run), he or she might install what is called a rootkit. A rootkit is a set of software that the intruder will use to: Carry out his or her intent (such as hosting false Web content from your server) Hide his or her activities from your view Rootkits can employ different methods for hiding what they do. Often a rootkit will replace common system commands with its own version of those commands. So, for example, you could replace ls and ps to not list the content added to your machine or not show certain processes running on your system, respectively. The chkrootkit command is a good tool for checking for well-known rootkits, as well as for generally checking system files to see if they have been infected. This tool will check for infections in disk-checking tools (such as du, find, and ls), process table tools (ps and pstree), login-related commands (login, rlogin, and slogin), and many other tools. Here s how to run chkrootkit from INSERT:
Web mail applications use IMAP as their backend protocol for accessing mailboxes; this eliminates the need for direct access to the mail files and makes it easier to split functions between systems.
Playing Music and Video
The licenses granted pursuant to this Section in respect of a component of the Developments shall terminate if (i) Customer ceases use of such component of the Developments or (ii) Customer breaches the terms of this license. Upon request after termination of this license, Customer shall (a) deliver to Vendor a current copy of such component (including all Related Documentation and source code in Customer s possession) in the form in use as of such date and (b) destroy or erase all other copies of such component in Customer s possession.]
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