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in the choice between getting on board and supporting the true story or leaving the company in order to be true to yourself. Of course, the worst choice would be to fake it and pretend you can represent the brand as an extension of your true story. When Dalmatian Press expanded its product line from coloring books and activity books into storybooks, there was a lot of discussion between me, as the founder, and every other department manager. The conversations and debates centered on where to put the logo of the Dalmatian Press puppy dog. We had always put it on the front top left corner of each book. It was easily seen and spotted. Some employees and associates felt that it was too noticeable and that it made the books look less sophisticated. Imagine my distress, when confronted by my own employees about the worthiness of my brand logo for the front cover of our books. In essence I was being told that our logo was not sophisticated enough. If these books were to be cherished and kept as treasures, passed down through the generations, then the emphasis should be on the content and the beautiful cover illustration. As they showed me example after example of other precious books in the industry, they pointed out that they rarely had the publisher s logo or brand imprint on the cover. These employees had not been with our company from the start. They didn t understand that the original story of Dalmatian Press was to bring attention to the publisher and create loyalty to the publisher as opposed to the book s character and story. They didn t understand that I wanted to be associated with precious stories as much as I wanted our brand to have intrinsic value. The discussions focused on the size of the logo, the position of it, and how to combine it with the company name. But we never faced the real question: Should we change our story and begin to separate the book s cover and content from the publisher The employees and I had three choices: 1. Adopt the original Dalmatian Press mission and stay true to its essence, which sought brand loyalty to the publisher as much as the author or cover art. 2. Join a different company that held publishing views consistent with their beliefs. 3. Reexamine our past experiences and question how our new ones have expanded our story and therefore our brand. Then de ne
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A second attempt (Trace 2.4. lc) proves successful. David s workstation requests the nearest server and receives a response from five servers: NW Svr 2, NW Svr 3, H-P 133A5B, NW Svr 1, and H-P 136A06 (Frames 2 through 6). The NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) algorithm then selects the first responding server (NW Svr 2, shown in Frame 2) and creates a connection to that server in Frame 9. The connection is confirmed and a buffer size accepted in Frames 10 through 12. David is now logged into the server and can finish gathering the SNMP statistics. Trace 2.4.ld examines the NCP Nearest Service Query packet after the workstation reconfiguration. Note that the EtherType field has been replaced with the 802.3 length = 34 octets. All other aspects of the frame are identical. The only difference between the Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 frame formats is the field following the Source Address: Ethernet specifies the Type (the higher layer protocol type, in this case, NetWare) while IEEE 802.3 counts the length of the Data field (in this example, 34 octets). The receiving station cannot tolerate a mistake in the frame format. If it is expecting a length (0022H) and it receives an EtherType (8137H), it rejects the frame because that frame is outside of the range of valid 802.3 length fields (OOOcrO5DCH or4&1500decimal). Now that David has successfully logged into the server, he can complete his business with RCONSOLE and TCPCON. The moral of the story: If a newly configured Ethernet workstation cannot communicate with its server (but appears to be functioning otherwise), check the frame format. Until the lower layers can communicate, you cannot transmit or receive any TCP/IPrelated information.
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package wiley; import import import import import java.util.Properties;;;;;
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A new advanced operation strategy for simulated moving-bed (SMB) chromatographic processes is illustrated in Fig. 5.14. This makes direct use of traveling wave phenomena. SMB processes use cyclic switching of the inlets and outlets to simulate a countercurrent flow between the solid and liquid phases. They are used for continuous separation of fine and speciality chemicals (e.g., pharmaceuticals) Figure 5.14 illustrates a comparison between the standard mode of operation with a constant feed concentration during the switching interval (solid line) and a new type of operation with periodic modulation of the feed concentration (dashed line) called ModiCon [36, 37]. The concentration profiles in Fig. 5.14 are shown in the middle of the switching interval. In this example, ModiCon uses a feed of pure solvent in the first half of the switching interval corresponding to a zero concentration of the mixture to be separated and a double concentration in the second half of the switching interval. Hence, the total amount of feed is the same in both cases. From Fig. 5.14 it is clear that the way in which the feed is supplied makes a big difference. In Fig. 5.14 the product purity at the raffinate is increased for ModiCon, while productivity and solvent consumption are the same as in the standard mode of operation. In contrast, productivity and solvent consumption can be improved if the same product purity is chosen as in the conventional mode of operation [37]. For a practical benchmark problem an improvement in productivity of more than 100% and a solvent reduction of about 50% compared to the standard mode of operation was found [35]. This effect was seen to be directly related to nonlinear wave propagation of the concentration fronts in Fig. 5.14 during the switching intervals [36]. From the analysis it was concluded that a decrease in feed concentration in the first half of the interval and an increase in the second half of the interval is advantageous for systems with favorable
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Temperature measurements and avoidance of local over-temperatures and steep temperature gradients are a key issue for the operation of high-temperature fuel cells. The results of this contribution show that the temperature dependence of the electrolyte s conductivity may have a strong influence on the spatial temperature field in a cell, and lead to hot spots. The physical reason for this behavior is that the conductivity of the ion-conducting electrolyte increases with increasing temperature. Therefore, a local temperature disturbance has a destabilizing effect on the fuel cell: A temperature increase at one point leads to a higher conductivity and hence to a higher current density at this point; this results in a stronger local heat production due to the exothermic electrochemical reaction that increases the temperature further. If the total cell current is kept constant, an increase of the current density at one point must be balanced by a reduced current density at another point. This explains the formation of spatial patterns in galvanostatic operation found in this contribution. The temperature dependence of the electrolyte usually is not very strong. However, one of the main results of these studies was that, in combination with the nonlinear properties of the electrochemical reactions, the electrolyte nevertheless can cause hot spots as well as channels of high current density that do not exist in the case of temperature-independent conductivity. The occurrence of hot spots must be avoided during the practical operation of high-temperature fuel cells. This can be done in different ways: One possibility is to keep the total cell current and the average current density low. However, this solution is unsatisfactory, because future fuel cell research must aim at intensifying the process of power generation and the power density. Figure 3.8 may point to another, more efficient solution: For the same cell current, different, possibly unstable
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Severity Code Description
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Data Connectivity
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Working with Files and the Registry in PowerShell
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selects all directory entries for the user object class where the given name is either Lisa or James.
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CURRENT_TIMESTAMP: The same as GETDATE() except ANSI standard GetUTCDate(): Returns the current server date converted to Greenwich mean time (also known as UTC time) to the nearest 3 milliseconds. This is extremely useful for companies that cross time boundaries. New to SQL Server 2008: SysDateTime(): Returns the current server date and time to the nearest hundred nanoseconds SysUTCDateTime(): Returns the current server date converted to Greenwich mean time to the nearest hundred nanoseconds
ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors(); errors.add(ActionErrors.GLOBAL_ERROR, new ActionError("errors.login.required")); // Report any errors we have discovered // back to the original form if (!errors.empty()) { saveErrors(request, errors); } return (mapping.findForward(target)); } } try { deleteEmployee(request.getParameter("username")); } catch (Exception e) { System.err.println("Setting target to error"); target = "error"; ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors(); errors.add(ActionErrors.GLOBAL_ERROR, new ActionError("errors.database.error", e.getMessage())); // Report any errors if (!errors.empty()) { saveErrors(request, errors); } } // Forward to the appropriate View return (mapping.findForward(target)); } }
The process of interaction design
Slackware comes with a good set of libraries that will take care of the dependency needs of most Linux applications. However, for video, audio, and some other types of applications, you may find yourself hunting around for libraries.
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As mentioned in the OS X User Interface Guidelines, your users have a mental model of the tasks they want your software to complete. For instance, music listeners have the concept of music sets internalized, so iTunes realizes this with Playlists. Find out how your users conceptualize their solutions, and emulate this in your software. Again, get face to face with your users. They are your domain experts. Corner them in a room with a whiteboard. Then map out their mental processes on the white board using UML. This is a wonderful first step to creating your Java-based OS X application. Another key to a good user interface is forgiveness. Think Undo. Users need to feel comfortable exploring and testing features in your application. If they test a feature and cannot undo it,
The Report Authoring Process
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