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Figure 5-16: A data-validation warning box. This appears when the user enters a value in the field that does not match the rule specified in the design of the table.
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From the GRUB boot screen, you can select to change or add boot options for the current boot session. First, select the operating system you want (using the arrow keys) and type e (as described earlier). You will see a graphical screen that contains information like the following:
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68881/68882 floating-point coprocessor chip 103
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Because of these rules, your query may look very different after you save and reopen it. In this section, you learn how this happens (and some ways to prevent it).
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It s interesting that there is a tendency among cultures to incorporate similar themes in their stories. These archetypal themes seem to exist in all cultures and are the basis for a great many stories. These themes include: n Death and rebirth n Victory of good over evil n The hero s journey n The creation of the world Archetypal characters include: n The hero and the villain n The wise old man n The trickster n The eternal boy n The mother These character archetypes appear in all narrative genres from myths and epic poems to novels, plays, movies, and computer games. Using them brings a whole package of feelings associated with them to the user.
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A local spoke-pseudowire connected to other member PE routers in the I-VPLS domain goes down. A redundant pseudowire switches over from active to standby within the I-VPLS domain. A Multi Chassis Link Aggregation Group (MC-LAG) switches over (from up to down). It may be desired that the I-VPLS service instance propagates the flush-allfrom-me message to other member PE routers. Within the I-VPLS domain, this can be enabled by the send-flush-on-failure command during I-VPLS service configuration. It may also be useful for the I-VPLS to propagate this information to the associated B-VPLS. This is done by using the send-bpvls-flush all-from-me command during the configuration of the I-VPLS service instance. This enables the IB-PE router to translate the MAC-flush from the I-VPLS service instance to the B-VPLS service instance. Figure 17.23 illustrates a CLI configuration example of enabling MAC-flush propagation from an I-VPLS to its associated B-VPLS. code 128 barcode
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5. Click the First Row Contains Field Names check box to use the first row for field names. Access will redisplay the text file with the first row as the column headers. 6. Click the Next> button to display the next Import Text Wizard screen. This screen enables you to determine whether you re storing the imported data in a new table or an existing table. If you decide to use an existing table, you have to choose it from a list. The next few screens are exactly the same as the Spreadsheet Import Wizard screens shown in the Importing spreadsheet data section earlier in this chapter.
Infrared and Ranzan Spectroscopy: Methods and Applications
$ sed -n /header/!p data2 This is the first data line. This is the second data line. This is the last line. $
Running a Linux Firewall/Router
Fig. 16.9.
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