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Part II Running the Show
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Running Scripts without a Console
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Detecting and Handling Errors alternative2.vbs generate data matrix
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MeV cm2 (1:85 g=cm3 ) g   ! 82 0:03291 MeV ln 0:17662 55 10 6 MeV 9(0:1766)2
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1 1. Protocol directory lists the protocols that the probe supports.
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Since the original ash shell was designed to be lightweight, it contains just a subset of the Bourne shell built-in commands. The trick is knowing which commands you can use and which ones you can t. Table 20-2 shows the built-in commands available in the original ash shell. As you can see from Table 20-2, the ash shell contains some of the bash commands that you re used to, but there are quite a few things missing. The original ash shell doesn t provide many bells and whistles in its command environment. It just provides a bare-bones environment for running programs. Of course, this feature is what makes it so popular in low-memory operations, such as embedded Linux devices. Let s take a look at a few of the basic ash shell built-in commands that we haven t already explored in the bash shell.
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5 Creating Database Tables
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Figure 6.1-7 Experimentally observed continuum resonance Raman spectrum for the Az! = 4 transitions in '2712 together with a simulation of the spectrum applying the time-dependent as well as the Kramers-Heisenberg-Dirac (KHD) approaches as indicated. Excitation wavelength A0 = 488.0 nm (Ganz and Kiefer, 1993 b).
If you have used only Windows operating systems before, you probably had your whole hard disk assigned to C: and never thought about partitions. With many Linux systems, you have the opportunity to view and change the default partitioning based on how you want to use the system.
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