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This due diligence is important to do at an early stage of the transaction because getting input from the numerous local counsels about the applicable laws and regulations, then getting approval from, for example, the Bank of England, can take a significant period. And if approval is not to be received, it is better for everyone to learn this as early as possible. The transfer of customer employees to the vendor and assumption of operational and financial responsibility may have to be delayed until necessary approvals are obtained. If authorities are not cooperative, the timing of the entire transaction can be thrown off. Most important, the pricing may change if the customer has to retain certain assets and responsibilities for a longer period than contemplated while the vendor is ramping up for transitioning employees, migrating data centers, and rollin g o ut new systems. Pa rticular co ncern typ ically revolves aro und communications to the employees. It would not look good from a human resources perspective if the customer is not able to convey to the employees a definite date for transition or, worse yet, has to change the date it had communicated. In some cases, it could be more than a communications problem. Legal notice requirements may need to be complied with, which are contingent on the date the vendor takes over operations. In addition to industry regulators, the outsourcing customer who acts as a government contractor should investigate whether any government regulations affect the outsourcing of data processing services. The government may wish to
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Using Other Firewall Distributions
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Magic in Greek and Roman Law
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0Lyso PAF ( I -alkyl-2-lysoglycerophosphocholine)
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These four groups will work closely together and must demonstrate a common commitment to security. Once the team is formed, it s a good idea to have a first meeting to establish a security planning agenda. Acting as a lead security planner in your organization, one person needs to be assigned the responsibility of managing the logistics and performance of this team. In many organizations,
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When you want to encrypt a message to a receiver, you use the receiver's public key Lo encrypt the message. Since there is a link between the private and public keys, the message can only be decrypted with the private key. An example of encryption with a private and a public key is given in Flgure 2.63.
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Source: Portwood, I999, p. 86.
The painting tools let you draw ovals, boxes, lines, and other shapes. You can save the file to several different formats, including MS Windows PCX format, Encapsulated PostScript image, MS Windows icons, JPEG, PNG, PNM, TIFF X bitmap, and X Window pixmap. ,
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1. First, test the speed of hard disk reads. To test the first IDE drive (/dev/hda), type:
Maximum temperature (a) and ethylbenzene conversion (b) during one production cycle for a fixed bed of uniform heat capacity (dotted line), for a structured fixed-bed with inert end sections of higher heat capacity (dashed line), and for latent heat storage inside the catalytic section (solid line) [9].
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