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The shell runs the command within the backticks, and assigns the output to the variable testing. Here s an example of creating a variable using the output from a normal shell command:
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If the function is called with default code, then the price for the entered date is returned for all products:
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For messaging other than JMS this element must contain a fully qualified name of the appropriate class. If the <messaging-type> element is missing, the default value javax.jms.MessageListener is used. A new generic element, <activation-config>, has to contain the values of the expected configuration properties of the message-driven bean such as message acknowledgement, message selector, expected destination type, and whatever else might be needed by the messaging environment. The presence of the <jms-acknowledge-mode> property is no longer a given. Properties that are specific to MOM have to be specified now with the key-value pairs <activationconfig-property-name> and <activation-config-property-value>. For example, the <jms-acknowledge-mode> element from Listing 17-2 will look as follows:
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5. If the printer you want to configure is detected, simply select it. If it is not detected, choose the device to which the printer is connected (LPT #1 and Serial Port #1 are the first parallel and serial ports, respectively) and click Forward. (Refer to the next procedure for information on selecting remote printers.) qr code reader
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The measurements and simulations in Figs. 16.23 and 16.24 show that a high gas throughputs leads to a lower conversion and higher outlet temperature when the liquid injection is constant. There is a overlap of formation of the mass transfer surface and of mass transfer of the absorbed component. An increase in gas throughput does not yield to a change of the Sh-number and thus to an enhanced heat and mass transfer. The functional progression dependency of the Sh-number on gas mass flow, expressed by the Re-number, is illustrated for experiment V-9 in Fig. 16.25. The curve has a maximum which is caused by the higher expansion (relative porosity) of the fluidized bed [66]. In contrast to fixed beds, the energy input in fluidized beds is higher because of higher gas throughputs, and consequently the drying is faster. The higher enthalpy flow of the increased gas mass flow leads to a faster drying, and thus to a decreased liquid loading as well as mass transfer surface. Thus, the conversion is lower at constant conditions. The steady-state humidity of the gas at the outlet of the fluidized bed follows with:
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Main program starting address Select mode 0 Port A bit I/O Port B bit I/O Configure port A as an output port Configure port B as an input port Select mode 0 Port AA bit I/O Configure port AA Enable interrupts Send 1 to START pin of A/D and 1 to (OUTPUT ENABLE) Send 0 to start pin of A/D Wait for interrupt
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Here, denotes the charge of the electron, which has to be multiplied by (-2) for two-fold occupied orbitals. The full nuclear charge, Z,, is retained. S,, is the vector of motion by the harmonic normal vibration Q,), the derivative of the position vector dR/dQ,, as in Eqs. 6.3-3 and 6.3-4.
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Set fs = CreateObject( Scripting.FileSystemObject ) drv = fs.GetDriveName ( \\PLUTO\DATA ) WScript.Echo drv
EBL. Finally, magnetic force microscopy (MFM) indicated no appreciable magnetic eld gradient above the bars after EBL. To enhance the magnetism of the patterned bars, an array of bars on a Si substrate was pyrolyzed at 900 C under an N2 atmosphere to promote the formation metallic nanoclusters12,13 The same array of bars was characterized before and after pyrolysis by tapping-mode atomic force microscopy (AFM). Comparison of the images and crosssectional pro les suggests there is excellent shape retention accompanying a decrease in the dimensions of the bars. MFM studies of the bars indicated that they consist of heterogeneous ferromagnetic clusters in which magnetic dipoles appear to be randomly oriented. Although the aforementioned proof-of-concept experiments dealt with the formation of micron-scale objects,14 EBL can be used to routinely fabricate structures down to 30 50 nm.17 Indeed, this process has already been extended to the patterning of sub-500-nm bars and dots from Co-PFS.
TABLE 12-3
KNOWLEDGE AND AI. Although a computer cannot have experiences or study and learn as a human can, it can use knowledge given to it by human experts. Such knowledge consists of facts, concepts, theories, heuristic methods, procedures, and relationships. Knowledge is also information organized and analyzed to make it understandable and applicable to problem solving or decision making. The collection of knowledge related to a speci c problem (or an opportunity) to be used in an intelligent system is organized and stored in a knowledge base. The collection of knowledge related to the operation of an organization is called an organizational knowledge base (see 10). Effect of Water Removal
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Table 3.4 Commands for Verifying RSVP-TE LSP Components
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