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With poetic justice, the actual discovery of the rst transuranium element came as part of an experiment to study the nuclear ssion process. Edwin McMillan, working at the University of California at Berkeley in the spring of 1939, was trying to measure the energies of the two recoiling fragments from the neutron-induced ssion of uranium. He placed a thin layer of uranium oxide on one piece of paper. Next to this he stacked very thin sheets of cigarette paper to stop and collect the uranium ssion fragments. During his studies he found there was another radioactive product of the reaction one that did not recoil enough to escape the uranium layer, as did the ssion products. He suspected that this product was formed by the capture of a neutron by the more abundant isotope of uranium, 238 U. McMillan and Philip Abelson, who joined him in this research, 92 showed in 1940, by chemical means, this product is an isotope of element 93, 239 93 Np, formed in the following sequence:
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Although JavaMail provides the necessary methods with which to determine various totals regarding a folder s status, it is not always the most efficient manner. For example, assume we wanted a count of all the messages that have recently been delivered, as per the getNewMessageCount() method. Depending on whether or not the underlying protocol can provide this functionality, this could result in a call to retrieve all the messages and then a check of the individual message-flag statuses. What was first an innocent enough call for some numerical statistics has turned out to be quite an expensive operation. Because of this it is sometimes best just to retrieve the messages yourself and run through them once, calculating all the necessary totals in one pass.
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From a Free-Flowing UNIX Culture at Bell Labs
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own right against the promisor. For this to occur the contract must expressly provide for third party enforcement, or a term must purport to confer a bene t upon the particular third party seeking to enforce it. In the latter instance a third party may not enforce a term if it appears that the parties did not intend the term to be enforceable by third parties. In all cases the third party must be expressly identi ed by name or as a member of a class or as answering a particular description. The rst reported case concerning the operation of the Act, Avraamides v. Colwill (2006), declined to accept that the court could use a process of construction or implication to identify a class of persons not expressly identi ed in the contract. preventing the parties altering or extinguishing the rights of a third party under the terms of a contract without his consent where that third party has communicated his assent to the term to the promisor, or where the promisor is aware that the third party has relied upon the term, or where the promisor can reasonably be expected to have foreseen that the third party would rely on the terms and the third party has done so. effectively treating third parties as a party to the contract for the purposes of remedies available, but without putting third parties in a better position than the promisee (i.e. third party rights are subject to and must accord with the other terms of the contract). making available to the promisor in response to a third party claim all defences, set-offs and counterclaims that would be available if the action were brought by the promisee. preserving the promisee s right to enforce all of the contractual terms, but also ensuring that, if he does so, any award in respect of a third party s loss will appropriately reduce the amount that the third party may recover in a separate action against the promisor.
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m=1 d m=4 a d a b c d 10 15 20 Average SNR per Bit of First Path [dB] b cd b c
This chapter developed a utility library for managing network resources. Through batch script (.wsf) files, you can access these utility functions in any of your scripts. The next chapter provides a utility library for managing accounts.
Although the Slackware installer has evolved over the years, its basic look-and-feel hasn t changed much. There are some things you still need to do manually, such as setting up RAID or doing partitioning. The following steps describe how to install Slackware from the first installation CD. For the purposes of this book, this procedure demonstrates a minimal installation from the first Slackware CD. If you want to install Linux on low-end hardware (slow CPU and minimal RAM), this procedure is a great way to end up with a workable, minimal desktop system. If you want to do a more complete installation of Slackware, you should obtain the Slackware 12.0 DVD or three-CD installation set. For more detailed information (or if something goes wrong during the installation that isn t covered here), refer to the Slackware-HOWTO, which is on the first Slackware CD.
4.2 Azeotropes
The Socket Options option lets you pass options to the protocols Samba uses to communicate. The following options are set by default: TCP_NODELAY, SO_RCVBUF= 8192, and SO_SNDBUF=8192. The first option disables Nagle s algorithm, which is used to manage the transmission of TCP/IP packets. The other two options set the maximum size of the sockets receive buffer and sockets send buffer to 8192, respectively. These options are set to improve performance (reportedly up to ten times faster than without setting these options). In general, you shouldn t change these options.
It is usual to set a threshold for the hit percentage. This implies that there is no linear correlation between the hit percentage and the size of the cache. When a cache size (the . threshold) is exceeded, efficiency increases dramatically. Figure 5 3 shows this. It is therefore important to identify the threshold and then set the cache just above it. Higher positions do not serve any useful purpose. This can be shown with a brief example. Let us imagine a server that is supposed to read three flles in a row and in a cycle: filel, file 2, file 3, file 1. file 2. etc. The size of the cache is such that there is exactly available space for two ofthe files. To start with, file 1 is read. It is checked if it is in the cache. Since it is not, it is put there after reading. Then, file 2 is to be read - it is checked whether it is in the cache. Since it is not. it is also put in. At this point the cache is full. File 3 is about to be read. Since it is not in the cache, it has to be put in. The oldest flle then has to go out, which is file 1.When file 1 is to be read again. it no longer exists in the cache - file 2 and 3 are in there now. File 1 is then put in the cache, and file 2 has to be removed. It carries on like this, and we get 0 In hit percentage. Figure 5.4 illustrates this. If we extend the cache's0 there is enough space for three files. the situatton will be resolved. After three readings, the cache will contain all the files, and from then on the hit rate will become 100%. Here we see a fast-increasing threshold (from 0%to 100%) when we increase from holding two to holding three files.
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