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Part V Access Application Tools
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Data retrieval and data modi cation are primary tasks of a database application. This chapter examined the workhorse INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE DML commands and described how you can use them to manipulate data. Key points in this chapter include the following: There are multiple formats for the INSERT command depending on the data s source: INSERT. . .VALUES, INSERT. . .SELECT, INSERT. . .EXEC, and INSERT. . .DEFAULT. INSERT. . .VALUES now has row constructors to insert multiple rows with a single INSERT. INSERT. . .INTO creates a new table and then inserts the results into the new table. UPDATE always updates only a single table, but it can use an optional FROM clause to reference other data sources. Using DELETE without a WHERE clause is dangerous. The new MERGE command pulls data from a source table and inserts, updates, or deletes in the target table depending on the match conditions. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE can all include an optional OUTPUT clause that can select data from the query or the virtual inserted and deleted tables. The result of the OUTPUT clause can be passed to the client, inserted into a table, or passed to an outer query. This chapter explained data modi cations assuming all goes well, but in fact several conditions and situations can conspire to block the INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE. The next chapter looks at the dark side of data modi cation and what can go wrong.
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Predicting the Future of Frameworks
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When the result of an And/Or is True, the overall condition is True, and the query displays those records meeting the True condition. Table 13-2 reviews the True and False conditions for each operator.
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Address Odd Even Even
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to problems along the supply chain by integrating the company s major business activities with both upstream and downstream entities via an electronic infrastructure.
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Part III Using Access in Your Work
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Outlook s main menu is a special type of toolbar, called the Menu Bar. It too can be customized although the procedures are slightly different than for toolbars:
FIGURE 72-2 SQL Server Management Studio Metadata tab
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Running the Show
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The test command also allows you to perform comparisons on string values. Performing comparisons on strings can get tricky, as you ll see. Table 9-2 shows the comparison functions you can use to evaluate two string values. The following sections describe the different string comparisons available.
3.1.8 Lasers
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