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Figure 10-4. TELNET Access to IBM Using TN3270.
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Withholding of payments is typically in violation of the IT outsourcing contract, and a court might well find that the customer has not performed all of its obligations under the contract if the vendor invokes that clause as a means of forcing the customer to pay all outstanding amounts before returning the customer s data. In effect, the customer becomes a hostage to the vendor s refusal to return its data until the vendor is paid in full. The customer should also seek to limit its expense of recovering its data from the vendor and should require the vendor to delete all of the customer s data from the vendor s records upon expiration or termination of the agreement. Finally, the IT outsourcing contract should protect the customer against the risk of the vendor withholding the customer s data in the event of a dispute between the parties by periodically requiring the vendor to provide a copy of such data to the customer or a thirdparty escrow agent.
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17.6.3 Familial Hypercholesterolemia
Table 4.2 IS-IS Packet Types and PDU Types
When SNMPvl was first published (circa 1988), the community name and the version number in the SNMP header provided the only message security capabilities. This provision, known as the trivial protocol, ensured that both agent and manager recognized the same community name before proceeding with network management operations. Additional research into security issues yielded three documents on the subject, all released in July 1992:
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Part I
Pro ler can capture so much information that it can ll a drive with data. Fortunately, the Pro ler Trace Filter (see Figure 56-3) can narrow the scope of your search to the data of interest.
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