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There isn t much you need to know to run basic X Window based games that come with Linux. The following sections describe basic information about Linux gaming.
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Part II The Presentation Tier
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FIGURE 20.25 Creating a Message box that responds to what the user clicks.
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Accounting, Billing, Chargeback Circuit Inventory Administrative Management and Support
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Like Photoshop, Illustrator is an extremely powerful program. It also has a huge number of features. Entire books and classes exist teaching details of Illustrator use. The few pages I include in this book about Illustrator do not give more than a glimpse of its power in the hands of an artist.
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11: Creating Terminal Applications
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The series of dots in the background of Figure 14-17 is the grid. The grid can assist you in aligning controls. You can display the grid by selecting View Grid. You can use the Format Snap to Grid option to align new controls to the grid as you draw or place them on a form. It also aligns existing controls when you move or resize them. When Snap to Grid is on from the Format menu, and you draw a new control by clicking on the form and dragging to size the control, Access aligns the four corners of the control to points on the grid. When you place a new control by clicking the control in the field list and then dragging it to the form, only the upper-left corner is aligned. As you move or resize existing controls, Access 2002 lets you move only from grid point to grid point. When Snap to Grid is off, Access 2002 ignores the grid and lets you place a control anywhere on the form or report.
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Evaluate the trained models to determine which model predicts the outcome most reliably, and to decide whether the accuracy will be adequate to meet business goals. The Mining Accuracy Chart view provides tools for performing the evaluation. The charts visible within this view are enabled by supplying data for testing under the Input Selection tab. Choose one of three sources: Use mining model test cases: Uses test data held out in the mining structure but applies any model lters in selecting data for each model Use mining structure test cases: Uses test data held out in the mining structure, ignoring any model lters
Part IV
Metal Metal Bond-Containing Polymers
All the source code for the examples in this chapter is available on the book s Web site.
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