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If you are looking for a particular file or folder, you can use the Konqueror Find feature. To open a Find window to search for a file, open a local folder (such as /home/chris) and choose Tools Find File; the Find box appears in your Konqueror window. You can also start the kfind window by typing kfind from a Terminal window. Figure 3.5 shows the kfind window in Konqueror.
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8 40Ar(124Sn, xn)164-x Er EBeam = 161 Mev E*= 53.8 Mev 0 0 50 n 40 20 30 Excitation Energy (MeV) 20 40 s (mb)
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The following example demonstrates how to use the Date() method to get today s date. Your results are shown in Figure 16.1.
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Security Governance Objectives 2. Develop criteria for accepting risks and identify the acceptable levels of risk. (see 5.1f). The risk assessment methodology selected shall ensure that risk assessments produce comparable and reproducible results. Identify the risks. 1. Identify the assets within the scope of the ISMS, and the owners of these assets. 2. Identify the threats to those assets. 3. Identify the vulnerabilities that might be exploited by the threats. 4. Identify the impacts that losses of confidentiality, integrity, and availability may have on the assets. Analyze and evaluate the risks. 1. Assess the business impacts upon the organization that might result from security failures, taking into account the consequences of a loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the assets. 2. Assess the realistic likelihood of security failures occurring in the light of prevailing threats and vulnerabilities, and impacts associated with these assets, and the controls currently implemented. 3. Estimate the levels of risks. 4. Determine whether the risks are acceptable or require treatment using the criteria for accepting risks established in 4.2.1c.2. Identify and evaluate options for the treatment of risks. Possible actions include: 1. Applying appropriate controls; 2. Knowingly and objectively accepting risks, providing they clearly satisfy the organization s policies and the criteria for accepting risks (see 4.2.1c.2); 3. Avoiding risks; and 4. Transferring the associated business risks to other parties, for example, insurers, suppliers. Select control objectives and controls for the treatment of risks. Control objectives and controls shall be selected and implemented to meet the requirements identified by the risk assessment and risk treatment process. This selection shall take account of the criteria for accepting risks (see 4.2.1c.2) as well as legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements. The control objectives and controls from Annex A shall be selected as part of this process as suitable to cover the identified requirements. The control objectives and controls listed in Annex A are not exhaustive and additional control objectives and controls may also be selected. NOTE: Annex A contains a comprehensive list of control objectives and controls that have been found to be commonly relevant in organizations. Users of this International Standard are directed to Annex A as a starting point for control selection to ensure that no important control options are overlooked. Obtain management approval of the proposed residual risks. Obtain management authorization to implement and operate the ISMS. Prepare a Statement of Applicability. A Statement of Applicability shall be prepared that includes the following:
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Part I
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Figure 5-13
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on a link, the browser will automatically display the associated document, called a Web page, on the topic you are exploring, regardless of where it is located on the Web. The home page is the starting point for your search. From a single Web page located on a computer attached to the Internet you can browse the Web by clicking on any interesting links you see. In most cases, the home page will lead users to other pages. All the pages of a particular company or individual are known as a Web site. Each Web site is a computer network, such as the one in your university, that has a connection to the Internet. Most Web pages provide a way to contact the organization or the individual. The person in charge of an organization s Web site is its Webmaster. The most widely used browers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer. These use GUI interfaces and require multimedia hardware and software. Similar capabilities, but without graphics, are provided by Lynx, a textbased browser developed by the University of Kansas.
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on a very large scale is expected.
A:R1# configure router isis A:R1>config>router>isis# info -----------------------------area-id 49.0001 traffic-engineering interface "system" exit interface "to-117" exit interface "to-116" exit ------------------------------
VPN Service Payloads
Designing Next-Generation User Experiences
Upgrading from SQL Server 2005
Ethical and Legal Issues
FIGURE 8.8 Flowers with five evenly spaced petals display the golden ratio in the ratio of the distances of the leaves from one another.
FIGURE T-4.10 Enterprisewide computing.
The Internet environment provides an extremly easy landscape for conducting illegal activities. These are known as cybercrimes, meaning they are executed on the Internet. Hundreds of different methods and
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