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The Internet offers a perfect environment for job seekers and for companies searching for hard-to- nd employees. The online job
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n . A single dot (.) refers to the current directory. n .. Two dots (..) refer to a directory directly above the current directory. n $PWD This environment variable refers to the current working directory. n $OLDPWD This environment variable refers to the previous working directory before you
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Table 12. Timer 1 Operating Modes
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In this section, we will create a Java application that manages an embedded version of the Tomcat JSP/servlet container. Tomcat can be broken down into a set of containers, each with its own purpose. These containers are by default configured using the server.xml file. When embedding a version, you will not be using this file; therefore, you will have to assemble instances of these containers programmatically. The following XML code snippet contains the hierarchy of the Tomcat containers:
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;Clear DF to 0 for autoincrementing SI and DI by 1 ; for byte move
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Part V
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Trapping for specific error codes
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To set group-level properties such as Group On, Group Interval, Keep Together, or something other than the default, you must first set the Group Header and Group Footer property (or both) to Yes for the selected field or expression.
Part I
Microprocessor Theory and Applications with 68000/68020 and Pentiurn
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Part III Using Access in Your Work
To make sure that your hardware will work or to confirm that it will not, select the diagnostics option when booting from the Linspire CD. Running diagnostics shows you any errors relating to the configuration or detection of your hardware.
10: Case Studies in Application Support
setExpandEntity References()
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To make it easier to monitor group membership, you can create a function to check all user accounts in the domain and then create a report. A sample function is shown in Listing 17-9.
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