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Some bootable Linux systems boot right to a desktop without requiring you to log in so you can immediately start working with Linux. KNOPPIX is an example of a distribution that boots straight to a Linux desktop from a CD. That desktop system usually runs as a particular username (such as knoppix, in the case of the KNOPPIX distribution). To perform system administration, you have to switch to the administrator s account temporarily (using the su or sudo command).
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The mail command uses the command line parameters shown in Table 26-6. As you can see from Table 26-6, you can pretty much create an entire e-mail message just from the command line parameters. The only thing you need to add is the message body. To do that, you need to redirect text to the mail command. Here s a simple example of how to create and send an e-mail message directly from the command line:
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Working with Advanced Email Message Components and Editing Tools
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3.X Conducting polymers. wniconductors. metals, and superconductors
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Digital Data Integrity David Little, Skip Farmer and Oussama El-Hilali # 2007 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved 0 470 85275 5 (cased) 0 470 85276 3 (Pbk)
Access Control Matrix and Role-Based Access Control
Inserting Symbols
Asset management for digital photographers
It starts out the same, but notice how the init target output has nothing written in it this time This is because the default action of the <mkdir> task within the init target is to not do anything if the directory already exists. The next target processed is the compile target, which again has no output. This is because the timestamp on the class file is the same as the timestamp on the source file, so there is no need to recompile, according to the rules of the javac task. However, what if you wish to force a compilation How do you signal that That is where the final target in the build file, the clean target, comes into play. As you
24 Running a Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) Server
The XAANoOffscreenPixmaps option will improve performance. Check your /var/log/ Xorg.log file to make sure that DRI and AIGLX features were started correctly. The messages in that file can help you debug other problems as well.
Vitamin KH, (Menahydroquinone-7)
You can make the remote login service active but disable the use of the /etc/host.equiv and .rhosts files, requiring rlogin to always prompt for a password. Rather than disabling the service, locate the server line in the rsh file (server = /usr/sbin/in.rshd) and add a space followed by -L at the end.
You use the On Retreat property when the report must return to a previous report section to determine where the controls and sections are and if they will fit in the given space left on a page. For example, you may want to trigger an On Retreat where you have Groups with the KeepTogether property set to Whole Group or
4.1 Organic substances*
The result is shown in Figure 17-4. FIGURE 17-4 Results of the query showing every manager and his direct reports.
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