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Like any Windows program, you can change the size of the main Outlook window (assuming that it is not maximized to full-screen size) by pointing at a border or corner of the window and dragging to the desired size. You can also change the size of certain elements within the window. When you point at an element that can be dragged to change size, the mouse cursor will change to two parallel lines with arrow heads:
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sability and good design are more important for software today than ever before. Successful e-commerce transactions, for example, are dependent upon usability. As Don Norman writes in his essay, Usability Is Not a Luxury at, If the customer can t find it, then the customer can t buy it. With new tools for increasing usability plus the increasing computing power of desktops and laptops today, user interface design is poised to move toward a new level of usability and new levels of visual appeal. And as described in 8, aesthetic design can be an important ingredient in any strategy for improving usability. But visual appeal alone does not make an application usable. Researchers have discovered a number of basic principles of usability that are highly relevant to user interface design. For example, research shows that we remember things more easily when presented with a list of options rather than when we have to recall a fact from memory. Studies also show that people tend to favor things that they recognize, so consistency in a computer application provides a more favorable experience. Fitts s Law shows that it takes less time to reach a button, menu item, or any control using the mouse if that control is large or on any edge of the screen. Hick s Law asserts that the amount of time it takes to perform a task is related to the number of options the user is presented with. And you may need to make adjustments to your user interface so that it is accessible to users with impaired vision, impaired hearing, learning disorders, or other disabilities. In this chapter, you explore these principles and how they relate to designing the new generation of user interfaces and Web applications.
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# rm -f /var/www/info.php
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(9.108) which does not appear to be given in Ref. [7] or [58]. Setting a = 0 and b = 1 (b = 2) in (9.108), then using the relations [65, Eq. (9)] Ql (0, w) = e w Ql (u, 0) = 1 along with the identity L 2L 1 = 22(L 1) , it can be shown that (9.108) reduces l=1 L l to the well-known expression reported by Proakis for multichannel binary
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Limitation of Liability What is each party s ultimate liability for failure to perform What types of damages cannot be recovered What fees are owed in a termination for convenience
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Value: String Gettable: Yes Settable: Yes Description: Other information relevant to the unit.
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- UNI 3.x Signaling Protocol discriminator = 09 Length of call reference = 3 bytes Call reference value = 0003D8 Message type = 05 (Setup) Message type FlagIAction = 80 ...0 .... = flag .... ..OO = action (Clear call) Message Length = 97 Info element id = 59 (ATM traffic descriptor) Coding StandardlAction = 80 1....... = ext .OO. .... = code stand (ITU-T standardized) ...0 0000 = I field (not significant) E Length of info element = 9 byte(s) Forward peak cell rate (CLP = 0+1) id = 132 rate = 1 cells/sec 424 bps Backward peak cell rate (CLP = 0+1) id =133 rate = 1 celldsec
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Recovery Performance Lost or stolen Administration and management Figure 3.3 Encryption.
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13. Repeat Step 12 for the other grid. You can also choose the LayoutRoot and give it a nice color, since it is visible near the rounded corners of the rectangles. 14. To be sure that all your rectangles will resize correctly in any window size, select them all individually and be sure that all the margin adorners are closed. If any are not closed, then click on them using the Selection tool to close them.
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Part IV The Service Tier
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