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Although not considered a major Linux distribution, Coyote Linux is an excellent illustration of a useful Linux distribution that fits on a floppy disk (1.4MB). You can copy the tar file of Coyote Linux on the CD that comes with this book to a Linux system, configure Coyote Linux to suit your needs, and copy the resulting boot image to floppy disk.
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additional mass of carrier atoms would lead to problems of sample thickness (a emitters), biological side effects (radiopharmaceuticals), or where high speci c activities are needed (synthesis of labeled compounds). (Formally, speci c activity is the activity per mass unit, such as mCi/mg or mCi/mmol, etc.) 19.2 AVAILABILITY OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL
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C (1) + O2 CO2
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Listing 6-8: The JavaBean
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Besides the organizational factors that are part of the potential ally s world, many personal concerns will arise from the person s previous work experience and current goals. You might not know the person well enough to know his or her entire history, but you might gain valuable insight if you happen to know or can easily ask about where the person worked previously and what his or her former jobs involved, Although you don t want to pry for embarrassing revelations, often the person will drop comments about past experience that can provide clues about what is important. Friendly or antagonistic, familiar or unknown, the potential ally s world will be more transparent if you get the answers to some critical questions: Is your ally on the fast track or stuck indefinitely in his or her current position To what extent is that person under pressure to shake up the department and produce internal change or wanting to preserve a calm atmosphere in the department How long will that person be around to live with the consequences of cooperating (or refusing to), or is he or she likely to soon move on and, therefore, not care much about the consequences While being careful to avoid stereotyping, you might also examine what you know about the ally s personal history. Was he or she raised in another part of the world A first-generation citizen Educational background can
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Substoichiometric isotope dilution analysis was rst developed by Ruzicka and Stary (1968) as another variation on the basic IDA technique. The basic idea of
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7: Case Studies in Packet Transport
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The RAISERROR command can also pull a message from the sys.messages system view. Message numbers 1 50,000 are reserved for Microsoft. Higher message numbers are available for user-de ned messages. The bene t of using stored messages is that all messages are forced to become consistent and numbered. Note that with sys.messages stored messages, the message-number scheme is serverwide. If two vendors, or two databases, use overlapping messages, then no division exists between databases, and there s no solution beyond recoding all the error handling on one of the projects. The second issue is that when migrating a database to a new server, the messages must also be moved.
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This leaves four possibilities for how customers can enter their phone number in a form. The regular expression must be robust enough to be able to handle either situation. When building a regular expression, it s best to start on the left-hand side, and build your pattern to match the possible characters you ll run into. In this example, the rst thing is that there may or may not be a left parenthesis in the phone number. This can be matched by using the pattern:
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Cell with Finite Length
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