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which agrees with (8.11) and assuming a Gray code mapping of bits to symbols, the bit error probability is also given by (8.19). Thus, we see that the BEP of BPSK and QPSK are identical; the latter has the advantage of being half the bandwidth of the former. If one now applies the desired form of the Gaussian Q-function to (8.18), then, after considerable manipulation, the following result is obtained: Ps (E) = 1 + 2
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n To move an object, type the following, for example, where the 15 relocates the button to the left 15 pixels and the -7 relocates it closer to the top 7 pixels. This does not always work using LayoutTransform, depending on the parent panel of the object.
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Part II
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V kSa T (CP CS ) V (a T 2) mG = 0 P
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Library: Building a PowerShell Library
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5: Studying Servlet Programming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 6: Going Over JSP Basics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113 7: Using JSP Tag Extensions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 143
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Implements and operate the ISMS
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check out 3. Don t worry about missing stuff. If there s something we think you need to know when you read a section, we add a Cross-Ref icon, to refer to related sections in other chapters. This book contains numerous practical examples that you can work with and modify to create useful features for your user interfaces. You can download the computer files for these examples from our Web site, You can also view there many of the book s figures in full color. If you have something specific you are looking for, then the Table of Contents contains a detailed view of the contents of the book. You can browse through it to find out where to go. Or check out the index it s big, and we don t leave much out. Also, we use a convention when referring to selecting items from a menu. We use to replace the words and then choose. This saves time, because instead of saying, for instance, Choose Tools from the menu and then choose Make Tile Brush and then choose Make Visual Brush , we just write Choose Tools Make Tile Brush Make Visual Brush.
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to the hardware vendor to periodically check the hardware and respond to problems. In the case of software, maintenance fees generally cover the cost of upgrades in addition to customer support. In either case, the cost associated with maintenance must be included in the base case. Calculating the cost of capital can be considerably more difficult. The first obstacle to this is that the term cost of capital may have different meanings. Some companies look at the cost of capital simply as interest rates. Others include debt financing as well. Still others include investment opportunity costs. As used in this text, the cost of capital refers to the cost of financing the acquisition of IT assets. This financing may include an interest-financing component (such as obtaining a loan from a bank) as well as a debt-financing component (such as issuing a bond to raise capital). Interest is the rental charge for the use of principal. 9 Typically, IT assets are pooled with other corporate assets, ranging from buildings to generators to aircraft for the purposes of raising capital. This creates the second major obstacle in calculating the actual cost.
TABLE 25-3
Can be 0's to 1's
4.7 lnfrarcd and Rainan spectroscopy of biomolecules
presence of a divinity, which responded to the invocation not out of compulsion but out of over owing benevolence. A common goal for animating statues among the theurgists, which is very unlike what we have with the erDtes, was for the statues to foretell the future.173 Moreover, in all of these Greco-Egyptian spells, the animation of gurines for whatever purpose must be set against the generalized Egyptian belief that the images of their gods were ensouled.174 The animation of erDtes in the magical papyri is also different from the practice of the theurgists in other respects. When we compare the Eros rites to other rites in PGM for animating statues (PGM III.282 409, Apollo for prophecy; IV.2359 72, Hermes for business; IV.3125 71, three-headed animal for prosperity; V.370 446, Hermes for prophecy) the Eros rites appear different because of how the gurines are treated by the practitioner. First, the offering of owers and use of aromatic plants in PGM IV and XII, which is not common to these other rites, suggests the long-standing poetic and visual association of Eros with owers and springtime.175 The preponderance of birds in the Eros consecrations (esp. in PGM XII) does suggest that an analogy has been drawn between the classical depiction of Eros as a winged divinity and the need to offer the gurine winged sacri ces as the source from which he takes his breath. The Eros gurines are made with wings (as stated at PGM IV.1845), and we have already seen that in Lucian s Philopseudes the clay Eros ies away (34.14.9). Recall that in PGM XII we are told that the three-day consecration is performed so as to persuade the wondrous Eros (XII.26). I take this to mean that simply animating a gurine of Eros and telling him what to do, as the Hyperborean does in Lucian, is not enough. Rather, he must be enticed with offerings to do the practitioner s bidding. We might compare, for instance, PGM V.395 97, the animation of a Hermes gurine for prophecy, which only requires burning incense, a little earth, rock salt, and an invocation for him to accomplish what you ask. The range of offerings of seasonal owers, fruit, cakes, pinecones, sweetmeats, and burnt victims to Eros suggest that he needs quite a bit more in return for accomplishing the practitioner s bidding. In fact, compared to the rites for animating other statues, the amount of offerings to Eros is extraordinary. Note also that in PGM IV.1842 71, after the offerings are made, signi cantly the practitioner is to take the gurine to the house of the beloved and actually knock on the door with the Eros. To varying degrees all of these examples can be better understood with reference to social agency. In the context of erDtes, we can appropriately ask how the practitioners of the rites socialize the gurines. My conjecture here is that Eros is conceived in the spells, not unlike the visual depictions of him in vase paintings and sculpture throughout antiquity, as a young
FIGURE 5.6 Moving nodes (upper left), moving segments (upper right), and deleting nodes (bottom).
In Eq. (24) the gradient of the surface chemical potential, s , is assumed to be the i driving force. The surface phase concentrations, qi and qsat, and the surface diffusivities, Ds and Ds , must be known in order to predict the surface fluxes, Js ij i i Based on classical concepts [31], several significant activities are currently devoted to describing in detail the mass transport processes in porous media, notably by applying more complex network models. A description of the transport in highly selective dense membranes is easier, provided there are no defects which need to be taken into account. Transport in metallic membranes can be often described successfully by the solution diffusion model (Sievert s law), and a comprehensive overview of hydrogen transport in palladium membranes was recently provided [10]. The aspect of incorporating the presence of membrane defects into a description of mass transfer has been discussed [e.g., Ref. [32]). Classical Wagner theory is usually adopted to calculate oxygen fluxes through mixed ionic and electron-conducting dense membranes as a function of the oxygen chemical potential gradient, according to the following expression [24]:
= Input6 1
Attribute Section height Height of all sections plus section headers in design view Number of levels of nested forms or reports Number of fields/expressions you can sort or group on (reports only) Number of headers and footers in a report Maximum 22 inches (55.87 cm) 200 inches (508 cm) 7 (form-subform-subform) 10 1 report header/footer; 1 page header/footer; 10 group headers/footers 65,536 32 ,750 Rayleigh Fading Approximate Evaluation of Average Bit Error Probability To simplify the analysis, several authors [5 8] have made the assumption of replacing 1 by its mean value 1 = 2 + LPI in the conditional MGF of t (and likewise the same assumption in the conditional PDF of t ) and then computing the average BEP from Pb (E) =
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