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n TabStrip: Used to display two or more tabs or pages. n MultiPage: Similar to a TabStrip but easier to use. n ScrollBar: Displays a vertical or horizontal scroll bar that the user can use to scroll with the mouse. n SpinButton: Displays a pair of up/down arrows that the user can click to increment or decrement a numerical value. n Image: Displays a digital image. To add a control to a page manually, click the desired icon in the Toolbox and then drag on the page to place the control. Don t worry about the precise size or placement of the control you can always change them later.
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In a LAMP server, MySQL is used for storing data appropriate to the Web applications that are being used. Common uses include data such as usernames and passwords, entries in a journal, and data files.
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data deliberately because although the rows of data are comma-separated, the file does not have a header row. But it is possible to add one by concatenating two string arrays together, so the following code will add a header row to the data:
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Quick Guide to sed and gawk
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Name Signed number Comment Assignment (defined as) Alternation (options of a list) Starts and ends a list Starts and ends a tag Starts and ends a subtype expression Indicates a range
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Recover from user or administrator errors: A database snapshot can be recreated periodically and refreshed by a SQL Server Agent job, whereby the previous database snapshot is dropped and recycled. If a user accidentally drops an important table or commits an update wiping out critical data, use the database snapshot to recover that data directly from the snapshot without having to restore the database. For example, if a user accidently drops a table and the table existed when the database snapshot was created, there are several ways to easily recover the data: Use Management Studio and script the table on the database snapshot. Recreate the table by running the preceding script against the source database. Populate the data using the INSERT INTO...SELECT FROM statement, whereby you select the data from the table in the database snapshot and insert data into the newly created table in the source database. Revert the source database to an earlier time: You can use the database snapshot to recover the source database by reverting it to the way it was when you created the snapshot using the Transact-SQL RESTORE command.
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Phospholipid assemblies may exist in many physical states, depending on their molecular structure, temperature, and environment (Marsh, 199 1). The bilayer is the major structure of biological membranes, and the investigated model membranes were often in the gel-
Get-Firewall | Export-CSV -path firewall.csv send-outlookmail -attach firewall.csv
5.4 Applications
AJAX Advanced
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Camera make, model and serial number Ar tist And possibly others, depending on your camera model Click the arrow button next to the Date to show photos taken on that date.
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Figure 4-113
Outer joins and optional foreign keys
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