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Another advantage of using the improved form of the RAISERROR command is that it can log the error to the Windows Application event log and the SQL Server event log. The downside to logging to the Application event log is that it s stored on individual workstations. While the Application event log is a great place to log front-end unable to connect errors, it s an inconvenient place to store database errors. To specify that an event should be logged from the RAISERROR command, add the WITH LOG option:
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Getting Started
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Composite View Template
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Appendix B: Sources of Internet Information
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path is valid, even if the item does not exist. Other path Cmdlets worth noting:
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Optimum gain is found at the centre of the Raman line where W R = W L WS. There, the gain constant for stimulated Raman scattering at Stokes frequency is given by
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property lastChild length nextSibling nodeName nodeType nodeValue offsetHeight offsetLeft offsetParent offsetTop offsetWidth ownerDocument parentNode previousSibling scrollHeight scrollLeft scrollTop scrollWidth style tabIndex tagName title width description Returns the last child of an element Does not apply to all objects. See specific object type. Returns the element immediately following an element Returns the tagname of an element (in uppercase) Returns the type of the element Returns the value of the element Returns the height of an element, including borders and padding if any, but not margins Returns the horizontal offset position of the current element relative to its offset container Returns the offset container of an element Returns the vertical offset position of the current element relative to its offset container Returns the width of an element, including borders and padding if any, but not margins Returns the root element (document object) for an element Returns the parent node of an element Returns the element immediately before an element Returns the entire height of an element (including areas hidden with scrollbars) Returns the distance between the actual left edge of an element and its left edge currently in view Returns the distance between the actual top edge of an element and its top edge currently in view Returns the entire width of an element (including areas hidden with scrollbars) Sets or returns the style attribute of an element Sets or returns the tab order of an element Returns the tagname of an element as a string (in uppercase) Sets or returns the title attribute of an element Sets or returns the width attribute of an element W3c Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Part I
Application Service Providers
(.)dt Sampler
27. Select EXIT to leave the setup screen. The install CD should eject. 28. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to reboot your computer.
Concierge services UDDI ( 21)
Note that the assembled code shown on the left above is in hex. The first column gives the address values where the codes are stored. ORG $2000 generates the starting address, 002000 in hex. The machine code ($303C0002) for the first instruction, MOVE #2,DO, is stored at the address $2000. Since this instruction takes 4 bytes, the machine code for the next instruction, MOVE #3,D1, starts at address $2004. Note that the comment fields in the SUM.ASM file are not translated by 68asmsim. When a large program is being developed by a group of programmers, each programmer may write only a portion of the whole program. The individual program parts must be tested and assembled to ensure their proper operation. When all portions
Those who do not like your organization or someone working there, for whatever reason, fall into this category. Also, competing organizations may indirectly sponsor malicious activities using third parties. Thus, the malicious may be someone paranoid, a former employee, a competitor, a terrorist, or, often, simply an angry person. The malicious category also may include the truly delusional, someone, for example, who proclaims the evils of the organization they are attacking in an exaggerated fashion. Needless to say, it is very difficult to reason with such people, who typically enjoy toying with you and amplifying your fear about what they have done or will do. As when dealing with the attention seeker, you do not want to be openly provocative with malicious attackers, nor do you want them to see you panic. This is the reaction they re hoping for. The best tactic is to distract them so that they believe you are taking a direction that leaves them safe and undetected while, in fact, you are working to get closer to them. You may never have the opportunity to confront a hacker directly, though the opportunity presents itself far more frequently than you might expect. Most communication will be in the form of anonymous email, an Internet relay chat (IRC), or a phone call. And note that the way you change your system configurations in response to an attack or the manner in which you electronically track an attacker can also be considered forms of communication on your part.
Objects list a tree view in the Objects and Timeline palette that shows all the elements in your project and contains all the information about what element is nested in what. Ockham s Razor the principle, which scientists have generally adopted, of giving preference, in the case of two plausible hypotheses, to the one that makes fewer assumptions because it s simpler and may introduce less error. In the world of user interface design, this principle might be applied as If you have a choice between two designs that are functionally equivalent, choose the simplest. Old Style fonts serif fonts in which the contrast between thick and thin strokes is not strong, such as Garamond, designed by Parisian publisher Claude Garamond in 1617. Also called Renaissance fonts. Opacity the quality of being impenetrable by light. Not transparent. Orientation the property of a stack panel, wrap panel and other panels and controls that defines how the objects orient themselves in the panel or control. Orthographic Camera an imaginary camera that defies the laws of perspective and makes every object appear as its assigned size, regardless of how far the object is from the camera. Compare this with the Perspective Camera. OS X the current operating system for Macintosh computers. Overlapping Action the animation principle that in the real world everything happens at once, and therefore in an animated character multiple motions must blend, interact, and overlap simultaneously. Pad gradient mode a type of gradient mode in which the last gradient stop is continued as a solid color to the edge of the fill.
When you first open Access, you see the Access window showing a title bar with the Microsoft Access caption and its menu
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The invention and implementation of the pseudowire-based IP/MPLS VPN solution gives service providers a scalable and secure approach to providing services to multiple customers using the same backbone network while efficiently isolating customer traffic. The pseudowire-based VPN model decouples the role of the customer-facing edge routers (Provider Edge, or PE, routers) and the role of backbone-transiting routers (Provider, or P, routers). MPLS pseudowires connect PE routers to customer-facing service instances. The MPLS backbone network only transits pseudowire-encapsulated VPN traffic end-to-end, hiding the details of the core network topology from the service. Therefore, the service-aware PE router can be focused on providing access to customer devices, multiplexing and de-multiplexing traffic from multiple services, and making VPN forwarding decisions. The P routers are in charge of providing highly available, high-throughput forwarding pipes with guaranteed QoS. The pseudowire-based IP/MPLS VPN model provides different types of services using the same IP/MPLS backbone. These services include: VLL A highly scalable point-to-point piping service that carries customer traffic between two customer sites. VLL services support many legacy access technologies, such as ATM, FR, Ethernet, and Circuit Emulation Service (CES). VPLS A multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet bridging service that bridges customer Ethernet traffic among geographically separated locations. VPRN A multipoint-to-multipoint IP routing service that routes customer IP traffic among different sites and exchanges customer routes among these sites. VPRN services can provide various service topologies such as Intranet, Extranet, Overlay VPN, or Hub-Spoke VPN. The pseudowire-based VPN model unifies the service deployment architecture in the network. Different types of VPN services for different customers use the same VPN infrastructure: Service instances in each customer-facing PE router are connected by the end-to-end pseudowire(s), and PE routers are connected to each other by Service Distribution Paths (SDPs) using Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) or MPLS tunneling. Different types of services share the
is another important statistical characteristic of fading channels, particularly in the context of this book. In addition, consistent with Section 1.1.4 of 1, the amount of fading (AF), or fading gure, associated with the fading PDF is de ned as AF = E ( 2 )2 E[ 2 ] (E[ ])2 var[ 2 ] = = 2 ])2 2 (E[ (E[ ])2 (2.5)
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