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EIS-specific interface Enterprise Information System Figure 19-1: Overview of the Connector architecture
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Understanding how interfaces affect users
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The Advanced tab of the Microsoft Exchange dialog box, shown in Figure 28.7, presents options related to mailboxes, security, and the Offline Folders File.
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16. Create your other mount points if you created multiple partitions. The next time you boot Linux, the new partition(s) will be automatically mounted on the /abc directory. After you have created the file systems on your partitions, a nice tool for adjusting those file systems is the tune2fs command. You can use it to change volume labels, how often the file system is checked, and error behavior. You can also use it to change an ext2 file system to an ext3 file system so the file system can use journaling. For example:
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18 Running a Linux Firewall/Router
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n MIME types and file types To handle different types of content that may be encountered in the Nautilus window, you can set applications to respond based on MIME type and file type. With a folder displayed, right-click a file for which you want to assign an application. Click either Open With an Application or Open With a Viewer. If no application or viewer has been assigned for the file type, click Associate Application to be able to select an application. From the Add File Types window, you can add an application based on the file extension and MIME type representing the file. n Drag-and-drop You can use drag-and-drop within the Nautilus window, between the Nautilus and the desktop, or among multiple Nautilus windows. As other GNOMEcompliant applications become available, they are expected to also support the dragand-drop feature. If you would like more information on the Nautilus file manager, visit the GNOME Web site (
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Combining shapes with other shapes or paths
Heydon, J. (1984) Evidence. Cases and materials, London, Butterworth. Hollin, C. R. and Howells, K. (eds) (1996) Clinical Approaches to Working with Young Offenders, Chichester, Wiley. Home Office (1998) Speaking UpforJustice: Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group on the Treatment of Vulnerable or Intimidated Witnesses in the CriminalJustice System, London, Home Office Procedures and Victims Unit. Home Office (2002) Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: guidance for vulnerable or intimidated witnesses, including children, London, Home Office Communication Directorate. Home Office/Department of Health (DOH) (1992) Memorandum of Good Practice on Video Recorded Interviews with Child Witnessesfor Criminal Proceedings, London, HMSO. Huffman, M. L., Warren, A. R. and Larson, S. M. (1999) Discussing truth and lies in interviews with children: whether, why and how , Applied Developmental Science, vol. 3, pp. 6-15.
In Sec. it is demonstrated that the depolarization ratio may be used to determine the symmetry of the vibrations of molecules in the liquid state, see also Long (1977). As already pointed out, this description of the Raman effect is based on the 'polarizability theory' (Placzek, 1934) which is valid in a good approximation if the exciting frequency is much higher than the frequency of the vibrational transition I ) , , , but lower than the frequency of the transition to the electronic excited state I / ( . . If, on the other hand, vo is approaching v,, then resonances occur which considerably enhance the intensities of the Rainan lines, i.e., the wsonu171'~ Ruman e&t. This effect and its applications are described in Sec. 6.1 and also in Secs. 4.2 and 4.8. Raman spectra, as infrared spectra show overtones and combination bands. These are due to mechanical anharmonicities (Eq. 2.1-16) as well as to electrical anharmonicities (higher terms in Eq. 2.4-3). If the exciting radiation has a very high intensity, as in 'giant laser pulses', the induced dipole moment (Eq. 2.4-1) is larger than in the linear approximation:
You battle with the Allies to destroy the Third Reich in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which mixes World War II action with creatures conjured up by Nazi scientists. It s based on the Quake III Arena engine and offers single-player mode as well as teambased multiplayer mode. If you purchase Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Linux, you actually get the Windows version with an extra Linux installer. If you already have the Windows version, you can download the Linux installer and follow some instructions to get it going. I downloaded the installer called from
TABLE 11-3
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