ou won t tap into the real power of Linux until you have connected it to a network in particular, the Internet. Your computer probably has an Ethernet interface built in, so you can just plug a LAN (local area network) cable into it to connect to a LAN (hub or switch), DSL bridge or router, or cable modem. Some computers, particularly laptops, may have wireless Ethernet hardware built in. Your computer also may have a dial-up modem. If you have an older computer that has no Ethernet card or you are in a situation in which you need to dial out over regular phone lines to reach your Internet service provider (ISP), you use this modem to get on the Internet. This chapter describes how to connect your Linux system to the Internet. With broadband and wireless networks becoming more prevalent, Ethernet connections are becoming the most common means of connecting to the Internet. For dial-up connections, you ll see how to use kppp (a dialer GUI that is often packaged with KDE desktops). Sharing Internet connections with multiple desktop systems or even your own mail or Web server is not that difficult to do from a hardware perspective. However, there are some security and configuration issues to consider when you set out to expand how you use your Internet connection. A Linux system includes software that lets you configure it as a firewall, router, and a variety of server types to help you get this done.
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Designing Next-Generation User Experiences
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must specify the initial principal server and database and failover partner server in the connection string. The failover partner in the connection string is used as an alternate server name if the connection to the initial principal server fails. If your applications do not use Microsoft ADO.NET or SQL Native Client automatic redirection, you need to use other methods such as network load balancing (NLB), a Domain Name System (DNS) alias, or custom code that will enable your application to failover. After the role-switching process is completed, verify that any database objects such as logins, jobs, maintenance plans, SSIS packages, and linked servers that reside outside the mirror database are created on the mirror server. For example, if the logins are not created on the mirror server, then users will not be able to connect and you will still have a server down situation.
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Shell Scripting Basics
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The values are then updated with the pre x (see Figure 67-2). The rst value, Nielsen, begins with one letter of the pre x, so 1ielsen is written, which doesn t save any space. But the compression ratio is much better for values that include more of the pre x for instance, Nelson is compressed into just the number 6 because it contains six characters of the pre x with nothing remaining. Nelsen is compressed into 4en, meaning that it begins with four letters of the compression followed by en. FIGURE 67-2 Pre x compression identi es the best pre x for each column and then stores the pre x character count in each row instead of the pre x characters.
Get System Info
Using Structured Commands
Know the Subordinate s World and Currencies
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Events are normally used in combination with functions, and the function will not be executed before the event occurs!
On the CD-ROM
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Average Combined SNR [dB]
Distal Ileum
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