In the rest of Part IV, we will examine the various enterprise-bean interfaces in much more detail and show lifecycle diagrams for each type of bean. However, for this chapter it is sufficient to enumerate the important methods used to manage the lifecycle of a bean instance, as shown in Table 14-1.
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You then edit the menuoptions.txt file and remove menu options that you don t want to keep. Afterward, you run Listing 26-3 to remove the options from the menu. The script uses ReadLineN from iolib.js and DeleteFile from filesystemlib.js.
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Adding Color to Scripts
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Ch. 15 Renegotiation and Termination
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Other Approaches to Understanding IS Failures
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Creating a Coyote Linux Firewall
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SELECT DATEPART(qq, SalesDate) AS [Quarter], Count(*) as Count, Sum(Amount) as [Sum], Avg(Amount) as [Avg] FROM RawData WHERE Year(SalesDate) = 2009 GROUP BY ALL DATEPART(qq, SalesDate);
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Identifying needs and establishing requirements
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n Server Port Numbers, Outgoing Server: Regardless of whether your incoming server is POP or IMAP, your outgoing server will be SMTP and the default port number is 25. Do not change this unless you know that your outgoing mail server uses a different port, a rare occurrence. n This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL): Turn this option on for the incoming and/or outgoing mail server if required. n Server Timeouts: This is the amount of time that Outlook will wait for the mail server to respond when retrieving/sending email. The default setting of 1 minute works fine in most cases. If you find Outlook timing out, it probably means that you are working over a slow connection or that your server is often busy. Try a longer timeout setting to resolve this problem. If you are working with a POP account, you have several settings available that control how Outlook handles messages on the server: n Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server: By default, messages that you have received are removed from the server as soon as they are downloaded to Outlook. Turn this option on if you want Outlook to leave the messages on the server after download. This can be useful if you will want to later retrieve your messages from another computer. n Remove from Server after ... Days: Specifies how long messages are to be retained on the server after they have been downloaded. n Remove from Server when Deleted from Deleted Items : A message will be retained on the server until you permanently delete it in Outlook. If you are working with an IMAP account there is one unique option, Root Folder Path, which specifies the root folder of the mailbox. Normally you will leave this blank and Outlook will use the default root folder on the server. If you need to specify a different root folder, enter it here.
SELECT Category, Count(*) as Count, Sum(Amount) as [Sum], Avg(Amount) as [Avg], Min(Amount) as [Min], Max(Amount) as [Max] FROM RawData GROUP BY Category;
Conjugation with glucuronic acid is also the mechanism the liver uses to increase the solubility of steroids and certain drugs prior to their excretion. UDP-glucuronic acid is synthesized by the oxidation of UDP-glucose by UDP-glucose dehydrogenase (Fig. 24-10): UDP-glucose
The above program can be replaced using REP prefix as follows: ,486 .MODEL SMALL, STDCALL .CODE START: STD MOV AX,2000H ;Set DF to 1 for autodecrementing SI and DI by 1 ;for byte move ;DS = 2000H
In this chapter, we have seen how disk is increasingly leveraged in the data protection process by using advanced algorithms that are intended to optimize the backup and recovery process. We discussed synthetic backup technology and its main proposition values. We also discussed how disk is being leveraged for disk staging operations to provide faster restores and disk-to-disk backup in general. The third aspect of diskbased technology we discussed was virtual tape and how it is becoming a popular option for enterprise data centers that are using tape and choosing VTLs to migrate to disk. It is important to note here that although these features can bring signi cant cost savings and improve the quality of the SLAs of an IT organization, they are not equally effective in all environments and bring with them a certain level of inevitable complexity. Organizations looking at taking advantage of these features must rst assess the problem they are trying to solve and then choose the feature or technique that can help them best accomplish their goals. This is especially important when considering the next generation of data protection technologies that are purely based on disk that we will discuss in the next chapter.
While Ubuntu manages to install around 2GB of applications from a single Ubuntu CD, it s still only 2GB. By contrast, other implementations with multiple CDs in a set can install up to about 7GB of applications. To add more software to Ubuntu, you can use the common Debian packaging tools (apt-get, aptitude, and even dpkg). You can also use the Synaptic Package Manager for adding and removing software packages, which provides a friendly graphical interface, a handy Search function to help you find packages, and many other usability improvements over the commandline tools. To open the Synaptic Package Manager window, select System Administration Synaptic Package Manager. Figure 17-5 shows the Synaptic Package Manager window. Using Synaptic Package Manager, you can install more software by selecting the Not Installed entry in the next column, and then selecting the package you want to install on the left. With one or more packages selected, select Apply, and the software packages you selected will be downloaded from an Internet repository and installed. As Ubuntu is delivered, it will check only official Ubuntu software repositories to find and download the software you add to Ubuntu. There are times, however, when you want to add community-built software that is outside the official distribution, in areas referred to as Universe and Multiverse: Universe Packages stored in Ubuntu Universe repositories include software that is not yet stable enough to be officially included in the project. Although the software has been built against Ubuntu libraries by the Ubuntu community, and will work well in most cases, it comes without guarantee of support or security fixes. Glycolipids
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Some of the backup applications have the ability to create more than one copy of the backup data during the initial backup process. By doing this, you can have your vault process move one of the copies off-site. This removes the problem of always having to recall the off-site media to ful l all restore requests. It also makes the off-site copy available as soon as the backup is completed.
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