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You can delete any number of records by selecting the record(s) and pressing the Delete key. You can also select the records and choose Edit Delete or place your cursor in a record and select Edit Delete Record. When you press Delete or choose the menu selection, a dialog box asks you to confirm the deletion (see Figure 7-14). If you select Yes, the records are deleted. If you select Cancel, no changes are made. barcode generator
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Developing with SQL Server
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Perhaps the largest hole in the bare metal recovery technology today is the bare metal recovery of the enterprise data protection server itself. It is always good at this point in the book to provide a humorous analogy that illustrates the problem: A bare metal recovery of the data protection server is like a brain surgeon operating on his own brain. The surgeon removes his (or her) brain and places it on the operating table
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Creating a Meeting
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The Statistics extensions allow an RMON-compatible device to collect token ring MAC-Layer errors and promiscuous errors. The MAC-Layer errors, such as token errors and frame-copied errors, are specific to the token ring protocol; the promiscuous errors, such as counting the number of broadcast packages or data packets between 512 and 1023 octets in length, are more general. Similarly, the History information is divided into MAC-Layer and promiscuous details. The tokenRing group contains four subgroups: ring station, which monitors station- and ring-specific events; ring station order, which tracks the network topology; ring station configuration, which controls the removal and/or configuration of stations on the ring; and source routing, which details source routing bridging information. Figure 12-34 illustrates these token ring additions; it also shows the major Ethernet groups for clarification.
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n To print a DVI file (filename.dvi), send it to your default PostScript printer, and type the following:
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Running the Show
Fig. 4.24. Reactive arheotropes for the reaction A + B 2 C at various liquid phase mass transfer resistances Kliq (low sweep gas flow rate G, Da , 13 = 5, 23 = 3, k1,gas = 0.5 cm s 1, k2,gas = 1 cm s 1).
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