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with the special case Q1,0 ( , ) = Q1 ( , ). For arbitrary integer values of m and n, a recursion relation for Qm,n ( , ) is given in Eq. (87) of Ref. 4 as Qm,n ( , ) = Qm 1,n+1 ( , ) + (m + n 1) Qm 2,n ( , ) + m 1 exp 2 + 2 2 In ( ) (4.106)
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If you have used a Web browser before, the Firefox controls are probably as you might expect: location box, forward and back buttons, file and edit menus, and so on. There are a few controls with Firefox, however, that you might not be used to seeing: Display Sidebar Select View Sidebar to toggle the bookmarks or history sidebars on and off. The sidebar is a left column on your Firefox screen for allowing quick access to Bookmarks and History. Use the Bookmarks tab to add your own bookmarks and the History tab to return to pages on your history list.
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Decision making is frequently a shared process. For example, Meetings among groups of managers from different areas are an essential element for reaching consensus. The group may be involved in making a decision or in a decision-related task, like creating a short list of acceptable alternatives, or deciding on criteria for accepting an alternative. When a decision-making group is supported electronically, the support is referred to as a group decision support system (GDSS). Two types of groups are considered: a one-room group whose members are in one place (e.g., a meeting room); and a virtual group, whose members are in different locations). A group decision support system (GDSS) is an interactive computerbased system that facilitates the solution of semistructured and unstructured problems when made by a group of decision makers. The objective of a GDSS is to support the process of arriving at a decision. Important characteristics of a GDSS, according to DeSanctis and Gallupe (1987), are shown in Online File W12.10. These characteristics can negate some of the dysfunctions of group processes described in 4, Table 4.2.
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0.79 kg Ca(OH)2 12.41 kgH2O 0.71 kg Ca(OH)2 4.39 kgH2O
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Listing 24-7: permission.jsp
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Thus far, we have looked at the underlying infrastructure and protocols that are used to route and reliably deliver I datagrams through an internetwork. P These protocols, such as IP, RIP, OSPF, UDP, TCP, and the others we studied, were developed with data applications in mind: email, file transfers, remote terminal access, and so on. In this section, we will briefly consider some of the additional protocols, primarily at the higher layers, that are required to support real-time and multimedia applications. A summary of these protocols, plus their dependencies, is shown in Figure 9-8.
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wait_type ------------MISCELLANEOUS LCK_M_SCH_S LCK_M_SCH_M LCK_M_S LCK_M_U LCK_M_X LCK_M_IS ... waiting_tasks_count ------------------0 1 12 21 7 35 7 wait_time_ms ------------0 29 160 12718 4 611 2 max_wait_time_ms ---------------0 29 40 2029 1 76 1 signal_wait_time_ms ------------------0 0 5 35 4 126 0
A pseudowire is a bidirectional point-to-point logical connection between two service instances serving the same end-to-end service. A pseudowire is always bound to one SDP and signaled over the T-LDP session to the far-end PE router. One physical network port can serve more than one SDP, and one SDP can carry more than one pseudowire. Pseudowires serving different service instances (regardless of the type of service) can share the same SDP as long as these pseudowires are directed to the same far-end router. Figure 9.12 illustrates the relationship between a physical network port, an SDP, and a pseudowire. In the ALSRP, the pseudowire is configured within the service instance by binding the SDP with the vc-id. Therefore, pseudowire is also referred to as SDP binding. The pseudowire is the most important logical entity in the L2VPN service. It connects all of the PE routers that participate in the same end-to-end service. An SDP (transport tunnel) logically connects two PE routers together. A pseudowire logically connects two service instances to two PE routers. Many pseudowires between two PE routers, serving different service instance pairs, can share the same SDP. The pseudowire is point-to-point, but unlike SDP, it is bidirectional. The pseudowire can only be operational if both sides of the PE routers have the pseudowire configured correctly and administratively enabled.
The only way to accurately estimate the extent to which amino acids are oxidized is to measure urinary excretion of urea (usually over a 24-hour period). By subtraction, one then corrects for the amounts of 0 2 consumed and the C02 produced during generation of the measured quantity of urea. The remaining 0 2 and C02 are then use to calculate a nonprotein RQ value that can be used to determine the contributions of carbohydrate and fat to total metabolism. For normal persons consuming a typical American diet, protein usually provides 12 to 20% of metabolic fuel. Thus, an RQ of 0.83 indicates that a person is obtaining approximately half of his or her calories from carbohydrate and half from fat rather than 100% from protein.
B Bi Keq i I v x heat of reaction Biot number equilibrium constant current density cell current flow velocity molar fraction
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