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In 3 we introduced the concepts of the value chain and the value system. A close examination of these two concepts shows that they are closely related to the supply chain. The primary activities of the value chain, corresponding to the internal part of the model are shown in Figure 2.6 (page ). Some of the support activities of the value chains (such as moving materials, purchasing, and shipping) can be identi ed in Figure 8.1. Porter s value chain (1985) emphasized that value is added as one moves along the chain. One of the major goals of SCM is to maximize this value, and this is where IT in general and e-commerce in particular enter the picture, as will be shown in Sections 8.3 and 8.4. But let us rst see why it is dif cult to optimize the value and supply chains.
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The new index uses only two pages. Interestingly, the difference isn t noticeable between using the ltered or a non- ltered index when selecting all the work orders with a scrap reason that s not null. That s because there aren t enough intermediate levels to make a signi cant difference. For a much larger table, the difference would be worth testing, and most likely the ltered index would provide a bene t. Filtered indexes, because of their compact size, not only reduce the disk usage but are easier to maintain.
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Failure Propagation
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3. Enter Individual, Pet Store, and Zoo, pressing the down-arrow ( ) key between choices. 4. Click the Next button to move to the second Wizard screen. You use the second screen to select which control will be the default selection. The Wizard starts with the first option as the default. If you want to make a different option button the default, select the Yes, the default choice is option button and then select the default value from the combo box that lists your choices. In this example, you want the first option, Individual, to be the default. 5. Click the Next button to move to the third Wizard screen used for assigning values.
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Append to target le when uploading. User-Agent to send to server. Use the ANY authentication method.
The IADsCollection interface is used to manage collections. Two special types of collections are IADsContainer and IADsMembers. You can obtain a collection of session objects as follows:
Hardware 15% LAN 2%
Even though the function uses the $1 and $2 variables, they aren t the same $1 and $2 variables available in the main part of the script. Instead, if you want to use those values in your function, you ll have to manually pass them when you call the function:
Switching to a datasheet
router R1 as PLR found the manual bypass tunnel which is suitable for the node protection request of the LSP (even if it traverses more hops than the path the dynamic bypass tunnel would have taken), so the manual bypass tunnel will be used, and the previously dynamic signaled bypass tunnel will be cleared since there is no other LSP being protected by it.
Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) is a concept or philosophy that promotes the integration of various computerized factory systems. CIM has three basic goals: (1) the simpli cation of all manufacturing technologies and techniques, (2) automation of as many of the manufacturing processes as possible, and (3) integration and coordination of all aspects of design, manufacturing, and related functions via computer hardware and software. Typical technologies are to be integrated are exible-manufacturing systems (FMS), JIT, MRP, CAD, CAE, and group technology (GT). All of the hardware and software in the world will not make a computer-integrated manufacturing system work if it does not have the support of the people designing, implementing, and using it. According to Kenneth Van Winkle, manager of manufacturing systems at Kimball International, a furniture manufacturer, Computer technology is only 20 percent of CIM. The other 80 percent is the business processes and people. In order to bring people together and formulate a workable business process, CIM must start with a plan. This plan comes from the CIM model, which describes the CIM vision and architecture. The basic CIM model is shown in Figure 7.5. The CIM model is derived from the CIM enterprise wheel developed by the Technical Council of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Its outer circle represents general business management. The inner circles represent four major families of processes that make up CIM: (1) product and process de nition, (2) manufacturing planning and control, (3) factory automation, and (4) information resource management. Each of these ve dimensions is a composite of more speci c manufacturing processes, and each dimension is interrelated with the others. Thus, when planning a CIM system, no dimension can be ignored. The hub of the wheel (the solid gold circle and the lighter gold circle around it) represents the IT resources and technologies necessary for the integration of
Displays the command name and a short description Shows the format of the command Describes each command option Provides information on the person who developed the command Provides information on where to report any bugs found Provides information on the copyright status of the command code Refers you to any similar commands available
By now you ve seen that JAAS requirements are pretty simple. The steps required to log in are pretty much the same no matter what the application does. So why not write one login class to perform logins for all your code modules and be done with it Not surprisingly, JAAS is designed to permit just that, allowing a simple login utility to invoke other classes. This enables you to JAAS up your applications by a few administrative steps, adding entries to the login configuration and JAAS policy files and then changing the commands that invoke your application classes. While not a perfect JAAS implementation, something like this is a definite start and can be a useful interim measure while the total system is under revision.
26 Exploring Frameworks and Application Architecture
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