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4.4 Kinetic Arheotropes in Reactive Membrane Separation
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Management/Organizational Issues
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Part II
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TABLE 24.3
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Commercially available application-server clusters typically rely on a specially designed gateway router to distribute the load using a mechanism known as network address translation (NAT). The mechanism operates by editing the IP headers of packets to change the destination address before the IP-to-host-address translation is performed. Similarly, return packets are edited to change their source IP address. Such translations can be performed on a per-session basis so that all IP packets corresponding to a particular session are consistently redirected. Load distribution can also be performed by means of a group communication system; The JBoss open-source application server has such a mechanism. In this scheme multiple application server instances are formed into a group so that requests sent to one instance are seen by all instances. The two market leaders in the application-server space, WebSphere from IBM and WebLogic from BEA, have very similar approaches to clustering. They typically use clustering for the following reasons: Scalability The proposed configuration should allow the overall system to service more clients than the basic single-machine configuration. Ideally, it should be possible to service any given load simply by adding the appropriate number of machines. Load-balancing The proposed configurations should ensure that each machine or server in the configuration processes a fair share of the overall client load that is being processed by the system as a whole. Furthermore, if the total load changes over time, the system should adapt itself to maintain this load-balancing property. Fail-over If any one machine or server in the system fails for any reason, the system should continue to operate with the remaining servers. The loadbalancing property should ensure that the client load is redistributed to the remaining servers, each of which will process a slightly higher percentage of
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Managing Removable Hardware
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To begin installing Fedora Core, you also need to have the Linux Bible 2006 Edition DVD that comes with this book (or a set of installation CDs that you obtain yourself). Also you must either be dedicating your entire hard disk (or an added hard disk) to Linux, have a preconfigured Linux partition, or have sufficient free space on your hard disk outside any existing Windows partition.
179. 180.
With a patch panel, each line ends at a point on the patch panel. This relates to cables from both workstations and servers. Each point on the patch panel is marked with a number that is identical to the number of the electrical sockets for the workstations. Figure 4.15 shows a small network that is cabled with a patch panel according to modern methods. The figure shows a companywith sixworkstations in a n office environment and a machine room with two servers. Tree-and-branch cables go from each office desk to the machine room. These cables end in the patch panel that is blown up on the top right in the figure. There is also a cable from the server s connection points to the patch panel. Under this, there is a switch. To make sure that all the cables from the workstation and the servers do not end at the connection points in the patch panel (inwhich case there will be no contact between the workstations and the servers) they will have to be connected to the switch. This is done by laying small drop cables from the patch panel down to the switch as indicated on the figure. Drop cables are small (approximately half a meter) twisted-pair cables with RJ45 plugs at both ends, and are the same type as that used from the point to the workstation.
of volatiles and/or solids may be accelerated by catalysts or may be initialized by additives, which decompose into radicals at low temperatures. A stepwise reaction of deposited solids may also be promoted by periodically heating the filter. The question remains, why should a chemical engineer try to convert a filter, which is a simple unit operation, into a much more complex apparatus It can be expected that the combination of the two unit operations in the reactive filter results in synergetic effects such as energy and space savings or a reduction in investment and operation costs. In some cases for example, the diesel particulate abatement for passenger cars the reactive filter seems to be the only option. In other cases, such as the production of bio-oil by the pyrolysis of biomass, the reaction cyclone is a promising option to guarantee a very short gas residence time, together with a longer particulate residence time. Besides, reactive filters show a unique dynamic behavior, which poses challenges to the understanding, modeling and control of these systems and makes them an interesting field for chemical engineering research. In the following sections, the different types of reactive filters, together with their typical applications, will be presented. The separation and catalytic combustion of diesel soot is the most important and furthest investigated application. Consequently, this type of reactive filtration, with its practical and theoretical aspects, will form the main focus of this chapter.
phosphates, phosphonates and phosphine oxides (e.g., tri-octyl phosphine oxide) are widely used.
Running the Fedora Setup Agent
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Functional polymers
You probably want your flow document viewer to resize as your window resizes. To allow this to happen, be sure that the Width and Height properties are set to Auto in the Layout palette. You can also select the flow document viewer and choose Object Auto Size Fill. This sets its Height and Width properties to Auto, and allows the flow document viewer to fill its container.
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