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3-D Graphics
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Spontaneously Fissioning Isomers
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Which approach did Philips use The Philips process of development for this particular communicator made extensive use of prototyping techniques and participatory design. Children were involved from the initial concepts stage right through to final product testing. Each time a prototype was produced, it was shown to children for comment and feedback. A central part of the design process involved developing interface metaphors. Again, when ideas for metaphors were
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6: The Next Generation: IPv6
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with aluminum leads, in the case of tungsten, to the pure metal. Titanium oxide and nickel oxide can be reduced by Al, but produce the corresponding alloys TiAl and NiAl. The reduction of chlorides of rare earth elements for magnets with calcium or sodium was also used [71 73]. For example, Tsuzuki and McCormick [74] used reactive comminution to prepare niobium pentoxide Nb2O5 nanoparticles from the reaction of NbCl5 with Na2CO3 or MgO. Iron nanoparticles have been synthesized from FeCl3 and Na [75], and the reduction of TiCl4 with Mg to Ti-powder has also been utilized [76]. This reaction occurs at low temperatures when the TiCl4 is in the solid phase. Mixed oxides have a widespread application as magnets, catalysts, and ceramics. Often, nonstoichiometric mixtures with unusual properties can be prepared; for example, Fe2O3 and ZnO have been milled for the production of zinc ferrite [40], while mixed oxides of Ca(OH)2 and SiO2 were described by Kosova et al. [77]. Piezoceramic material such as BaTiO3 from BaO and anatase TiO2 has been prepared [78], while ZnO and Cr2O3 have been treated by Marinkovic et al. [79] and calcium silicate hydrates from calcium hydroxide and silica gel by Saito et al. [80]. The thermal dehydroxylation of Ni(OH)2 to NiO or NiO Ni(OH)2 nanocomposites has also been investigated [81]. Reactions of metal oxides with elementary carbon or sulfur produce the carbides and sulfides. The reaction of FeTiO3 with carbon releases Fe and TiC, and the reaction with CaWO4 produces Ca and WC. These hard materials are used for mechanical purposes [70]. Solid-state reactions are currently used to evaluate the possibility of solvent-free organic synthesis. Normally, solid products are produced by the dissolution/evaporation of solid starting materials, a reaction in the gas or liquid phase, and a drying or crystallization step. The reaction in the solid phase would permit synthesis in a onestep process [46b]; indeed, the synthesis of sodium salicylate [2] is mentioned as an example for the solvent-free synthesis of material by milling solid sodium bicarbonate and salicylic acid at production rates of 100 kg h 1. Fernandez-Bertran et al. [82] obtained ammonium salts by grinding organic acids and amines under proton transfer. Phosphorus ylides and phosphonium salts have also been prepared [83a], while others [84b] use high-energy ball milling to obtain imines from the condensation of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde with p-aminobenzoic acid. Organic reactions which run to completion and do not require purification steps are prone to be produced by milling of the solid reactants. Topochemically controlled solid reactions are governed by the crystal structure of the solid. Even if the intrinsic reactivity allows for a reaction, the topochemical restrictions circumvent a conversion. The photodimerization of solid anthracene was observed electron microscopically at dislocations [85]. The reason for this is the possibility of molecule rotation at the dislocation, and not only the high pressure.
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Some years ago, I watched Arnold Schwarzenegger being interviewed about the appeal of bodybuilding. He was asked, why are some people obsessed with physical size Arnold replied, You don t go to the zoo to see the mice. His claim was that humans are naturally built to care about size. (In Pumping Iron Arnold seeks to make his opponent Lou Ferrigno feel bad about himself. Accordingly, he hits Lou with the worst insult possible to a bodybuilder, Lou, you re looking very small today. ) Stock market pundits are obsessed not only with the size of corporate profits, but also with their growth rate. You can imagine investors in fastgrowing companies making Arnold-like comments of, You don t buy stocks for their book value. The obsession with growth is appropriate given the fact that stocks are risky and pay less today than safe Treasury bonds. The main reason to accept the risk of stock market losses is the promise of a growing profit stream. Thus, investors are correctly obsessed with growth. What are the prospects for corporate profits growth Here, there is a clear answer. It is that profit growth, and consequently stock prices, cannot continue their historical performance. Before getting to the reasoning for the limits on profit growth, it is nice to point out that this is one of the few questions that have an unambiguous answer within the investing world. This rarity of clarity is the subject of an entire subset of the jokes about economics (also known as the dismal science ). For example, if you laid all the economists in the world end to end they still wouldn t reach a conclusion. Or, more cruelly, if you
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Locating a Node by an ID
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Providing return on investment
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The customer should consider which obligations the vendor will assume with respect to business recovery in the event of a disaster or force majeure event (i.e., an event outside the vendor s control). For example, will the vendor be required to maintain a hotsite from which services can be provided until services can be restored at the regular service location Will the vendor be required to interface with certain other vendors in the event of a disaster or follow certain escalation procedures In addition, the customer may wish to consider limiting the duration of any interruption of the services by providing that the customer can terminate the agreement without liability or obtain services from a third party if the services are interrupted for more than a specified period. Finally, the contract should specify what priority will be given to the customer s services in the event of a disaster that affects more than one of the vendor s customers and may require the vendor to restore the customer s critical services within a specified period.
Running Applications
Part I Linux First Steps
instance configuration context. Figure 9.25 illustrates an example of the Service MTU configured to a non-default value of 1,000 (this value is used to demonstrate the CLI configuration; it is not a design recommendation).
Also keep in mind that the Sync Services architecture for client and server synchronization is asymmetric, meaning that change tracking is built into the client database. Incremental changes on the server can be downloaded, but they must be tracked by the programmer. In determining which path to take when looking at a data synchronization solution, it helps to consider some of the concepts behind these technologies. For example, not many developers really work with SQL Server replication technology. That is usually a DBA function and is primarily designed to keep SQL Server databases in sync with each other. RDA itself is a great technology, but it is somewhat inferior to Sync Services. A SQL Server Compact 3.5 technology, it is simply intended to provide applications with the capability to access data from a remote SQL Server database and store it locally. RDA uses a push/pull method to propagate data changes to and from the SQL Server Compact database. However, the Microsoft MSDN Books Online document clearly states the following: Because of design limitations, remote data access (RDA) will be removed in a future release. If you are currently using RDA, you should consider transitioning to Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET. If you were planning to use RDA in a new application, you should instead consider merge replication or Synchronization Services. Note that Synchronization Services is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Sync Services is a richer programming model that includes many features also found in merge replication technology. It is superior to RDA and, unlike replication, it is targeted toward developers who
// returned. controlThread.start(); } /** * If there is a control loop, it * goes here. */ public void initController() { // initializing data store DataStore ds = new DataStore(); // represents data retrieval int intData = ds.getImportantInt(); double doubleData = ds.getImportantDouble(); // // // // Updating View ... Could be a GUI in some cases. If there is a potential for blocking, make GUI updates on a separate thread.
lower bound in (4.89) can also be obtained by expressing In (z) in terms of the con uent hypergeometric function, namely, In (z) = ([zn / (2n)!!])e z 1 F1 n + 1 , 2n + 1; 2z and then taking the 2 rst term (i.e., unity) in the power series representation of the hypergeometric function.
Manipulating Data With Select
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