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Shared calendars, electronic schedulers, project management tools, and workflow tools that provide interactive forms of scheduling and planning are some of the main kinds of collaborative technologies that have been developed to support coordination. A specific mechanism that has been implemented is the use of conventions. For example, a shared workspace system (called POLITeam) that supported email and document sharing to allow politicians to work together at different sites introduced a range of conventions. These included how folders and files should be organized in the shared workspace. Interestingly, when the system was used in practice, it was found that the conventions were often violated (Mark, et al., 1997). For example, one convention that was set up was that users should always type in the code of a file when they were using it. In practice, very few people did this, as pointed out by an administrator: "They don't type in the right code. I must correct them. I must sort the documents into the right archive. And that's annoying". The tendency of people not to follow conventions can be due to a number of reasons. If following conventions requires additional work that is extraneous to the users' ongoing work, they may find it gets in the way. They may also perceive the convention as an unnecessary burden and "forget" to follow it all the time. Such "productive laziness" (Rogers, 1993) is quite common. A simple analogy to everyday life is forgetting to put the top back on the toothpaste tube: it is a very simple convention to follow and yet we are all guilty sometimes (or even all the time) of not doing this. While such actions may only take a tiny bit of effort, people often don't do them because they perceive them as tedious and unnecessary. However, the consequence of not doing them can cause grief to others. When designing coordination mechanisms it is important to consider how socially acceptable they are to people. Failure to do so can result in the users not using the system in the way intended or simply abandoning it. A key part is getting the right balance between human coordination and system coordination. Too much system control and the users will rebel. Too little control and the system breaks down. Consider the example of file locking, which is a form of concurrency control. This is used by most shared applications (e.g., shared authoring tools, file-sharing systems) to prevent users from clashing when trying to work on the same part of a shared document or file at the same time. With file locking, whenever someone is working on a file or part of it, it becomes inaccessible to others. Information about who is using the file and for how long may be made available to the other users, to show why they can't work on a particular file. When file-locking mechanisms are used in this way, however, they are often considered too rigid as a form of coordination, primarily because they don't let other users negotiate with the first user about when they can have access to the locked file.
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Writing Tests with JUnit
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In this chapter, I refer to the two data sources as local and external . Other descriptions of distributed queries might refer to the same two servers as local and remote, or sending and receiving.
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location from which various KM applications are searched.
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MEDLINEplus was tested with nine participants selected from primary health care practices in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. This was accomplished by
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<tag> <description>Iterates through an array</description> <name>itrArray</name> <tag-class>com.j2eeBible.mytags.TryIterationTag</tag-class> <body-content>JSP</body-content> </tag>
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2.3 Conceptual models
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Provides a calendar to select a date from Displays multiple entries where each entry can be turned on or off Allows you to build a form with labels and text elds to be lled out Provides a le selection window to browse for a le Displays a meter showing a percentage of completion Displays a message without waiting for a response Displays a single text form box for text entry Provides an editable menu Displays a list of selections to choose from Displays a message and requires the user to select an OK button Displays a meter showing the status of a speci ed pause period Displays a single textbox that hides entered text Displays a form with labels and hidden text elds Provides a group of menu items where only one item can be selected Displays text from a le in a scroll window using the tail command Same as tailbox, but operates in background mode Displays the contents of a le in a scroll window Provides a window to select an hour, minute, and second Provides a simple message with Yes and No buttons
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A:R1# configure service sdp 165 A:R1>config>service>sdp# info -------------------------------far-end lsp "163-165" path-mtu 9000 keep-alive shutdown exit no shutdown --------------------------------
Substituting (14.53) and (14.54) into (14.51) gives the desired result
The options are the same as those in the form (but in lowercase for case-sensitive collation, and in some cases spelled slightly differently) with the addition of lazy schema validation, which disables the checking of the table schema for distributed queries. You may want to use lazy schema validation when you re sure of the schema but want to reduce network overhead.
If the primary server should go "down" or something wrong occurs, the other can take control without users noticing that the server is "down."
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SFT Level I
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In the tcsh shell you must use the set command:
Ro = 2Ali.A
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