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Thls group is put in the local Administrator group, and members In "Domain Admlns" therefore are administrators to the domain. With t h e help of t h i s group it is possible to let u s e r s become administrators of several domains, In a veIy simple way. When a W 2 K Professional is taken Into a domain, t h e global group automatically becomes 'Domain Admins" added to the workstatlon Administrator group. Members in the 'Domain Admins" group therefore automatically become admlnlstrators for all t h e workstatlons in the domain. Thls group has the right to perform tasks concerning backup copying of the system. Members of thls group have the rights to make backup and restore data as well a s taking down the server
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Distributed transactions are similar to local transactions with a few extensions to the syntax:
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Che and Nafie (1992) report the isolation of ROA invariants and illustrate the technique using the spectra of (+)-trans-pinane and (-)-a-pinene as examples. Later the same year, Hecht (1992) challenges their results and proposes variable scaling factors for the different ROA bands depending on their depolarization ratio. To reach this results, he emphasizes the importance of the inclusion of the cone of collection into the procedure for the isolation of Raman optical activity invariants. The dimensionless CIDs (Barron and Buckingham, 1971) for right angle scattering can then be expressed using these invariants as:
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A formatting window is a window similar to the toolbox or the Field List. You can move a formatting window around the screen, but you can t anchor it in the way that you can dock a toolbar to a window border. To open the window and place it on the surface, click the formatting tool icon s down-arrow and then click the title bar and drag it to where you want it. A formatting window can remain on-screen all the time; you can use it to change the options for one or more controls. To close a formatting window, click the Close button or reselect its icon on the Formatting toolbar. You can modify the appearance of a control by using a formatting window. To modify the appearance of a control, select it by clicking it, and then click the formatting window that you need to change the control s appearance. (Refer to Figure 16-2 to see all five formatting windows.)
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Sync fundamentals
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The oxidation rate depends not only on the gas composition and the temperature parameter, but also on the electric potential difference between the electronically conductive part of the anode electrode and the ionically conductive electrolyte. Defining the electric potential of the solid part of the anode electrode as zero potential, the reaction rate depends on the electric potential in the electrolyte, e. On the other hand, the reduction reaction rate depends on the electric potential difference at the cathode electrode, which is the difference between the given cell voltage, Ucell, and the electrolyte potential, e. The equilibrium constants are determined by the
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The Datasheet Formatting dialog box gives you complete control over gridlines. Using the Gridlines Shown check boxes, you can eliminate both Horizontal and Vertical gridlines. If you choose to keep the gridlines, you can change both the Gridline Color and the Background Color. A sample shows you what the effect you have chosen looks like. You can also determine whether the gridlines are Flat (default white background with silver gridlines), Raised (default silver background with gray gridlines), or Sunken (default silver background with white gridlines).
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4.8.4 Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of semiconductors
Expand your src (or Source/java) folder in the Groups & Files tree. Select the Java class(es) you desire to model. -click to select individual files, or select the src folder if you want to model the entire project source. Select Design Class Model Quick Model from the Xcode menu.
Figure 2 General idea for mainchain reactive organometallic polymers.
Active Directory is a replicated database that holds information about objects that are to be centrally managed for example, Users, Groups and Computers. The set of object classes that can be stored is extensible, so anything that needs to be managed centrally can have an object definition added to AD. Exchange 2000 was the first major application to use Active Directory to store its information. It uses AD as its mail directory and defines extra classes for mail stores, gateways, and so on. In addition to classes, AD defines a set of attributes (properties) for those classes. The set of attributes is also extensible. Any attribute can be added to any existing class. So, for example, Exchange does not define a new class
Appendix B: JUnit on OS X
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