There s a whole world of SQL Server. Dig in. Explore. Play with SQL Server. Try out new ideas, and email me if you have questions or discover something cool. I designed the SQL Server 2008 Programming Certi cation, so read the book and then take the test. Do sign up for the SQL Server Bible eNewsletter to keep up with updates and news. Come to a conference or user group where I m speaking. I d love to meet you in person and sign your book. You can learn where and when I ll be speaking at With a topic as large as SQL Server and a community this strong, a lot of resources are available. But there s a lot of hubris around SQL Server too, for recommended additional resources and SQL Server books, check the book s website. Most important of all, e-mail me: I d love to hear what you re doing with SQL Server.
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Part III Using Access in Your Work
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When VLL CAC is used in a VLL service with pseudowire redundancy, each spoke-pseudowire can have its own bandwidth checked against the SDP it binds to. The bandwidth check result is reflected by the pseudowire s state. If VLL CAC fails in a pseudowire, the pseudowire is flagged as PW not forwarding (0x01). The pseudowire s state affects its eligibility and priority when the endpoint performs the active forwarding object election. Details regarding pseudowire redundancy for VLL services are discussed in 14.
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Relational Database Design
CELLULAR RADIO TECHNOLOGY. Mobile telephones, which are being used increasingly for data communications, are based on cellular radio technology, which is a form of broadcast radio that is widely used for mobile communications. The basic concept behind this technology is relatively simple: The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has de ned geographic cellular service areas; each area is subdivided into hexagonal cells that t together like a honeycomb to form the backbone of that area s cellular radio system. Located at the center of each cell is a radio transceiver and a computerized cell-site controller that handles all cell-site control functions. All the cell sites are connected to a mobile telephone switching of ce that provides the connections from the cellular system to a wired telephone network and transfers calls from one cell to another as a user travels out of the cell serving one area and into another. The cellular telephone infrastructure has primarily been used for voice transmission, but recent development of a transmission standard called cellular digital packet data (CDPD) has made it possible for the infrastructure to support two-way digital transmission. The evolution of cellular transmission from analog to digital is described below. First-generation (1G) and second-generation (2G) cellular data transmission.
Deleting, Adding, and Editing Partitions
Protection point Near-MP Far-MP
28 Creating High-Performance Java Applications
two peering routers maintained by periodical exchanging of messages. Once the exchanging of the message stops, the protocol adjacency times out.
When you enter a macro name, the macro doesn t have to exist. You can enter the name of a macro that you want to create later. In this way, you can create the switchboard first and the macros later. If the macro name that you enter in the On Click cell doesn t exist when you open the form and click the button, Access displays an error message.
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