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Even when it comes to Outlook macros, you must use caution. Just because you cannot be infected with a malicious Outlook virus by means of an email attachment does not mean you are safe. If you plan to use macros from any outside source, you should use macros from trusted sources only, and when in doubt look over the macro source code to look for potential problems.
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Figure 9-8
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Table 4.5-1 Observed spectra of calcite and aragonite (Bhagavantam, 1939; Hellwege, 1970; Frech, 1980)
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The Visual Basic procedure for the Print Choices option group is shown in Figure 31-26. When you select the Print Current Record option, the procedure hides the From Date, To Date, and Customer Type controls. The report or reports print only for the current record. When you select the Print Date Range option (Print Criteria = 2), the From Date and To Date text boxes appear. You then specify a beginning date and ending date to print all customers whose Last Visit Date falls between the two dates. When you select the Print Customer Type option (Print Criteria = 3), the Customer Type combo box appears, allowing you to print the selected reports for all customers whose Customer Type matches the type you selected. Notice that the procedure sets the Visible property for the controls to either True or False, which displays or hides them.
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Control Unit
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15. You ve reached the About to Install phase. You re warned that the system will begin writing to the disk. You can back out of anything at this point with no damage to the system, so if you made a mistake or are not sure about installing, you can simply reboot. If you are ready to commit your configuration to the system, click Next. Your system begins writing the software to the hard drive. This can take from ten minutes to an hour or more depending on the speed of your system and the
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(dependent on the implementation and the same for the entire LAM) and indicates the statlon(s) that will receive the frame. So this address can be a unique physical address (MAC address), a group address, or a global address.
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= 0, V = 0, and
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Interface ID
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Dynamic SQL
Here s how this works. The INSERT statement joins the Inserted and Deleted tables on the primary key to correctly handle multiple-row inserts and updates. The join is also restricted with a not-equals <> join condition so that when a multiple-row update only affects some of the rows for a given column, only those rows that are actually changed are recorded to the audit trail. The _Insert trigger audits all inserts. In AutoAudit version 1.09b, inserts are minimally logged to save space. The only row written to the Audit table is the insert event with the primary key value. The idea is that between the base table, the insert event, and the fully audited updates, the complete history can be reconstructed. A popular request is the verbose insert, which would audit every value on insert I ll probably add that to the next version. With AutoAudit s code-generated xed audit trigger installed, the following batch exercises it by inserting and updating work order data:
The easiest way to do this is to replace the original Type of Customer control with a calculated expression. In 11, you used the function called Immediate IF (IIF) that lets you transform one value to another. In this example, the expression uses two IIF functions together. The expression must transform the value of 1 to Individual, the value of 2 to Pet Store, and the value of 3 to Zoo. This is the complete expression: =IIF([Type of Customer]=1, Individual ,IIF([Type of Customer]=2, Pet Store , Zoo )) The first IIF function checks the value of the Type of Customer field; if the value is 1, the value of the calculated control is set to Individual. If the value is not 1, another IIF checks to see whether the value of Type of Customer is 2. If the value is 2, the value of the calculated control is set to Pet Store. If not 2, the value of the calculated control is set to the only other possibility, which is Zoo. To create this new calculated control, follow these steps: 1. Select the Type of Customer text box control. 2. Display the Property window and click the Other tab to display the Other properties. 3. Change the Name property to Calculated Type of Customer. 4. Click the Data tab and click the Control Source property. 5. Press Shift+F2 to display the Zoom box. 6. In the Control Source property, type the following: =IIF([Type of Customer]=1, Individual ,IIF([Type of Customer]=2, Pet Store , Zoo )) 7. Click OK. 8. Close the Property window.
e ended Part One with the conclusion that both individuals and markets are far from rational. Thus, the answer to the Mean Markets and Lizard Brains question of, Where should I invest my money varies depending on the circumstances. Sometimes the conventional wisdom of stocks will be correct, but sometimes other investments will be better bets. Part Two sets the macroeconomic stage for choosing investments. Because markets can be far from rational, we cannot assume that prices are fair. Rather, we need to evaluate the prospects for bonds, stocks, and real estate. This section analyzes the fundamental forces that drive investment returns. 4 presents an economic snapshot of the United States. Will government deficits hurt the economy Can the productivity revolution allow us to be richer and lead better lives 5 examines the prospects for inflation and deflation. Is the Federal Reserve creating inflation Why would anyone worry about prices being too low 6 looks at the U.S. trade deficit and its implications for the value of the U.S. dollar. How will the decline in the U.S. dollar affect investors When will the dollar decline end
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Middle Management
Double-click to reset sliders If you change your mind after adjusting a slider, double click the name of the slider to reset it to its default value. To reset all the sliders in a section to their default values, either double-click the name of the section, or hold the Option or Alt key; the name of the panel section changes to Reset. Click to reset all the adjustments in that section. More about point curves Lightroom s point curve editor is similar to point curves in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw, with a couple of differences: No Input and Output text boxes (no numeric entry of point values) Percentages instead of 0-255 values Does not retain focus on a point after it s been edited (point does not stay selected ) Delete a point by right-click or double click Holding option/alt requires more mouse movement/finer control When saving presets, the point curve gets saved along with parametric values in the Tone Curve part of the preset, but not independently You can save point curve settings (as xmp files) in the Curves folder (which is shared with ACR curves). Soft contrast Some photos look best with a low range of contrast. Imagine a shot of a foggy morning at the lake. This kind of image naturally has a low range of contrast, and thus, probably shouldn t pop . Always make your processing decisions based on the theme, subject and mood that you want to portray with the photo.
We can see that the question of how often a full backup should be undertaken is a balance between time and the space you should use for backups, in addition to time spent on possible recovery. If, in the example above,we only had a backup from last month, and an error occurred on the 30th of the month, we would have to run 29 incremental recoveries. Diflerentfal backup comes in between full and incremental backup. With differential backup, a backup is done of all files that have been modified since the lastfull backup. In this way, we do not need to run many incremental recoveries. Otherwise, differential backup functions in the same way as incremental backup.
13. Extract the stage 1 tarball. Use the following commands:
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