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14 Understanding Form Controls
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8-bit, a-law, 8 KHz sound files used with Psion Palmtop computers. Raw files with set characteristics. ub is unsigned byte; sb is signed byte; uw is unsigned word; sw is signed word; and ul is ulaw.
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Blend allows you to use video in any layout panel by adding it to a timeline. You may want to place the layout panel in a flow document, or create a pop-up window for your video to play, or you may want a video player to appear as an animation when a user clicks a button growing larger until it reaches full size. You can also add controls to control volume or balance, or to play, pause, or stop, or to scrub through the video.
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1. Create a new text control in the detail section, as shown in Figure 21-7. 2. Display the property sheet for the new text box control. 3. Enter =[Treatment Price]+[Medication Price] in the Control Source property cell. 4. Set the Format property to Currency.
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Another Metacity feature of interest is the workspace switcher. Four virtual workspaces appear in the workspace switcher on the GNOME panel. You can do the following with the workspace switcher: Choose current workspace Four virtual workspaces appear in the workspace switcher. Click any of the four virtual workspaces to make it your current workspace. Move windows to other workspaces Click any window, each represented by a tiny rectangle in a workspace, to drag-and-drop it to another workspace. Add more workspaces Right-click the workspace switcher, and select Preferences. You can add workspaces (up to 32). Name workspaces Right-click the workspace switcher and select Preferences. Click in the Workspaces pane to change names of workspaces to any names you choose. You can view and change information about Metacity controls and settings using the gconf-editor window (type gconf-editor from a Terminal window). As the window says, it is not the recommended way of changing preferences, so when possible, you should change the desktop through GNOME preferences. However, gconf-editor is a good way to see descriptions of each Metacity feature. From the gconf-editor window, select apps metacity, and then choose from general, global_keybindings, keybindings_commands, window_keybindings, and workspace_names. Click each key to see its value, along with short and long descriptions of the key.
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return true; } public boolean abort() throws LoginException { try { synchronized (monitor) { System.out.println ( Please remove your Java Card(tm) now. ); // Check the status of the terminal here } } catch (Exception e) { } if (!loginOk) { return false; } else if (loginOk && !commitOk) { loginOk = false; username = null; userPrincipal = null; } else { logout(); } shutdown (); return true; } public boolean logout() throws LoginException { // Clean up // Remove the User s Principal, URL and classname loginOk = false; commitOk = false; username = null; userPrincipal = null; url = null; className = null; shutdown (); return true; } // A Java card has been inserted. // public void javaCardInserted (JavaCardTerminalEvent jcte) { // Perform magic // } // A Java card has been removed. public void javaCardRemoved (/*JavaCardTerminalEvent jcte*/) { synchronized (monitor) { monitor.notifyAll(); }
Configuring Local Printers in Fedora
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javax.script is supported by Apple as the natural interface for AppleScript and Java. provides classes that make Java GUIs behave like native OS X applications. contains classes that access OS X features that do not have parallel features in the standard Java APIs. The Cocoa libraries are split between the Application Kit framework and the Foundation framework. The Foundation framework provides base classes and utility classes that form the foundation of Cocoa applications. The Application Kit framework provides GUI related classes. The Java Foundation package is The Foundation classes are made up of useful utilities, data types, and classes that support Cocoa design patterns that did not exist in pure Java. For example, several of the Java Foundation classes come in mutable and immutable varieties. Simply put, mutable mean changeable and immutable means final, in the Java sense of final. Having two like named classes, one optimized for changing and the other optimized for use without changing was uncommon in Java 1.1, back in 2000. Cocoa used this paradigm, so Java Foundation classes were created to match up with their Objective-C counterparts. The Foundation framework s NSObject is worth special notice. NSObject is the root object of Cocoa Java classes. Think of it as the Cocoa counterpart to the Java Object class. NSObject has similar functionality as Object, such as cloning, equality comparisons, and hashing. The Java Application Kit package is The Application Kit provides classes that represent Apple s OS X native GUI components and events. Some of the native widgets include NSAlertPanel, NSComboBox, and NSMenu.
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