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where p SSC ( l ) denotes the SNR PDF at the output of the lth SSC unit and is given by p SSC ( l ) = P l ( l ) p l ( l ) (1 + P l ( Tl )) p l ( l ) if Tl < l if Tl l (9.570)
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In the if-then statement, you only have one option of whether or not a command is successful. If the command returns a non-zero exit status code, the bash shell just moves on to the next command in the script. In this situation, it would be nice to be able to execute an alternate set of commands. That s exactly what the if-then-else statement is for. The if-then-else statement provides another group of commands in the statement:
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Speed Compactness Simplicity Variably Secure In Blowfish, the key can be as many as 448 bits in length and more processorintensive than other algorithms that have been implemented in hardware. Analysis has shown that the algorithm provides optimal performance in systems in which the key does not change frequently. Like DES Blowfish is a 64 bit block cipher. There are two steps in the algorithm: key expansion and data encryption. In the key-expansion phase a key is converted to 448 bits and several subkey arrays of 4,168 bytes each are created and iterated 16 times each over a function. Each iteration step consists of key-dependent permutation and key-data substitution. The Blowfish algorithm is most secure if implemented with more numbers of iterations during the data-encryption phase of the implementation.
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Converts a date speci ed in the format YYYY MM DD HH MM SS [DST] into a timestamp value. Formats either the current time of day timestamp, or timestamp if provided, into a formatted day and date, using the date() shell function format. Returns the timestamp for the current time of day.
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During the Term and subject to the terms of this Agreement, User hereby grants to Vendor the right to use, distribute, reformat, recompile and display the User Information in connection with providing the Services. User shall be responsible for obtaining all consents and approvals necessary for Vendor to use the User Information as contemplated hereunder. 3. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS
The Request-Line includes a Method Token, a Request-URI, and a protocol version, and ends with a carriage return and line feed. The Method Token indicates the operation to be performed on the resource, and could include: OPTIONS, GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, or CONNECT. The Request-URI identifies the resource upon which to apply the request. RFC 2616 gives the following example of a Request-Line:
The Components of a JavaServer Page JSP Scripting Scripting is a JSP mechanism for directly embedding Java code fragments into an HTML page. Three scripting language components are involved in JSP scripting. Each component has its appropriate location in the generated servlet. This section examines these components.
(Source: Adapted by Callon (1996) and reprinted by permission of Harvard Business Review. From Michael Porter, How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy March April 1979. 1979 by Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation; all rights reserved.)
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