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Booting Your Computer with GRUB
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The KDE desktop
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The duty to review the design, and in particular the tenuous stage three duty (see section 15.6.3 above), must be contrasted with the designer s responsibilities when he agrees to carry out a defects investigation. In this respect the New Islington decision may be contrasted with the decisions in London Borough of Merton v. Lowe (1981) and The University Court of the University of Glasgow v. William Whit eld and John Laing (Construction) Ltd (1988). In the L.B. Merton case architects responsible for the design of a swimming pool were noti ed of cracks in the ceiling arising after practical completion. They asked the manager of the pool to keep an eye on the ceiling, but six years later issued a nal certi cate without making any further enquiry into the state of the ceiling. One year later more cracks appeared, and upon expert examination the ceiling was condemned as unsafe. The architects were sued for negligence, and held liable for failing to carry out an adequate investigation of the problem. The court found that, had they done so, the cause and magnitude of the problem would have been appreciated, and the builder could have been invited to put it right and sued for compensation if he refused. Once the nal certi cate was issued this was no longer possible, as the claim was barred by the conclusive evidence provision of the building contract. The decision in LB Merton can be distinguished from New Islington on the basis that the defect in the former case was really one of poor workmanship by the builder, who had not correctly mixed the mortar. However, once the architect was apprised of the existence of potentially serious defects, and began an investigation, he was bound to carry it out with reasonable care and skill, but did not do so. In this sense the secondary nding in New Islington does not appear inconsistent with LB Merton, and the primary nding can be distinguished on the basis that in New Islington no one appears to have pointed out to the architect that there was a defect that required investigation. Matters were taken one stage further in the University Court decision, where architects reconsidered their design after practical completion, and did so carelessly and were therefore liable to compensate their client. However, in this case the architects had agreed to carry out a post-practical completion review for an additional fee. As a result the court in New Islington was not prepared to regard the University Court decision as an example of the performance of a continuing duty to review the design under the original appointment. Furthermore, the
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Moving data
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The ONBOOT=yes starts the pppd daemon (but doesn t immediately begin dialing because DEMAND is set to yes). Also, because DEMAND=yes, a dial-up connection attempt is made any time traffic tries to use your dial-up connection. With IDLETIMEOUT set to 600, the connection is dropped after 600 seconds (10 minutes) with no traffic on the connection. With RETRYTIMEOUT set to 30, a dropped connection is retried after 30 seconds (unless the connection was dropped by an idle timeout, in which case there is no retry). You can change the timeout values as it suits you.
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INSERT Guide VALUES ( Jones , Lauren , First Aid, Rescue/Extraction , 19590625 , 200104415 );
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peers, and the FECs being distributed are the /32 system-IP addresses of all ABRs and PE routers. Within each area, PE routers, the local ABRs (or the ABRs in the backbone area) and other intra-area LSRs use RSVP-TE to signal LSPs among them. These LSPs carry the LDP-LSP traffic between PE routers and ABRs within each area. If the ABR router is also a PE router, the same T-LDP session on that ABR/PE router is used to distribute both service FECs (vc-label binding) and tunnel LSP FECs (LDP transport label binding).
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Refresh-Reduction Capability Negotiation
The text substitution command isn t the only command available in the sed editor. If you need to delete speci c lines of text in a text stream, there s the delete command. The delete command, d, pretty much does what it says. It ll delete any text lines that match the addressing scheme supplied. Be careful with the delete command, because if you forget to include an addressing scheme, all of the lines will be deleted from the stream: Jet Mills
PC ENVIRONMENT. In the PC con guration, only PCs (no mainframes) provide the computing power in the information system. Initially there was only one PC in each information system. Later it became possible to network several together. PC-LANs. When PCs are connected via local area networks (LANs), a more exible PC system is created. New functionalities can be added, including email, Internet access, and the sharing of devices such as printers. This paradigm offers scalability (the ability to handle an increased load) and effectiveness, but it generally lacks the high security and integrity of a mainframe system, as well as ef cient device coordination capability.
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