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Of course, these concepts are not exclusive to KNOPPIX because you could conceptually do the same thing with any boot floppy since the days of DOS (as well as any other bootable Linux). The difference is that KNOPPIX does those things so well. It lets you take over a computer, not just with a tiny rescue disk capable of running a few obtuse commands, but with at full-scale desktop, server, and administrative tool kit operating system. With that in mind, here are some ways people are using KNOPPIX: n Showing off Linux A demo can lack some punch when you have to spend an hour installing before you can make your point. With KNOPPIX, it can take about 5 minutes from the time you tell your friend about Linux to the time you have a complete desktop system running on his PC. And in the process, you don t have to worry about harming anything on his computer because you don t even need to touch his hard disk. n Testing a computer for Linux Instead of getting halfway through an install to see if your PC is capable of running Linux, you can boot KNOPPIX. If it works, you can check to see what drivers were loaded to deal with your hardware (type lsmod from a shell) and then go ahead and install any Linux you like to the hard disk. n Rescuing a computer or network Many tools for tracking down and fixing problems on both Linux and Windows systems are included in KNOPPIX. There is also a KnoppixSTD edition that includes dozens more tools for rescuing broken systems and tracing network problems (see n Taking over a broken server If a Web server, file server, or firewall has been cracked or otherwise broken, you might be able to use KNOPPIX to safely serve the data from a KNOPPIX boot disk while you fix the problem. n Doing anything you want For those of us who have gotten used to using Linux, it s a pain to go somewhere and have to do work or make a presentation on a computer that doesn t have the tools you need. By bringing the whole operating system, all your software tools, and sometimes even your data (with a customized CD, separate floppy, pen drive, or downloaded files), your computing environment can be the same wherever you go. Now that you have some idea of what to do with KNOPPIX, let s get started.
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Part II The Presentation Tier
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Using Tabbed Browsing
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Exploring New User Interface Techniques
A compilation of values for 7c and n of different small molecules was provided by Rothman et at. (1987). In general, there are two approaches to recording gas phase spectra. A spectrum may be recorded of a sample at atmospheric pressure, with the investigated compound embedded in a matrix of air or another transparent gas, so that foreign gas broadening dominates. The second approach involves measuring a sample, preferably a pure compound, at reduced pressure, so that self-broadening prevails. At low pressure, usually several hPa, Voigt-profiles (see, e.g., Bakshi and Kearney, 1989) with contributions from Doppler and pressure broadening can be observed.
Managing Complexity with Progressive Disclosure
Centralized Management
Moving information off the mainframe presents a company with the unique opportunity to restructure its IT strategy. Companies can reinvent the way in which they shape and form their application data, empowering end users to conduct extensive analysis with these data in ways that may not have been possible before (e.g., see Minicase 1, about Sears). Another immediate bene t is providing a consolidated view of corporate data, which is better than providing many smaller (and differently formatted) views. For example, separate applications may track sales and coupon mailings. Combining data from these different applications may yield insights into the cost-ef ciency of coupon sales promotions that would not be immediately evident from the output data of either applications alone. Integrated within a data warehouse, however, such information can be easily extracted and analyzed. Another bene t is that data warehousing allows information processing to be of oaded from expensive operational systems onto low-cost servers. Once this is
Still to come in this chapter: examining tools for tuning X and, in particular, working with the xorg.conf file. You ll also explore a few popular window managers that you might want to try out. Slackware Linux is used to illustrate how to choose and configure a window manager because Slackware users tend to like simple, direct ways of working with the desktop (when they need a desktop at all).
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