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Talwar and her colleagues (Talwar et a/., 2004) arranged an experimental situation in which children aged between 3 and I I years were coached by their parents not to report a transgression. The parents were acting as confederates of the experimenters and deliberately moved a puppet marked with a Donot touch sign, which gave the appearance of the puppet breaking. The researchers were interested t o see whether the children would tell the truth about who broke the puppet, and also whether a competency-type assessment involving a discussion of truth and lies (T&L) would promote truth-telling by the children. Children were placed in one of three conditions: I The child witnessed the parent break the puppet and was later questioned in the presence o the parent (parent present condition). f 2 The child witnessed the parent break the puppet and was later questioned without their parent present (parent absent condition). 3 The child did not witness the parent break the puppet but was coached by the parent not t o tell the experimenter what had happened to the puppet before the child was later questioned in the absence of the parent (child absent condition).
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The branch command speci es that the program should jump to the script line labeled jump1 if the matching text first appears in the line. If the branch command pattern doesn t match, the sed editor continues processing commands in the script, including the command after the branch label. (Thus, all three substitution commands are processed on lines that don t match the branch pattern). If a line matches the branch pattern, the sed editor branches to the branch label line. Thus, only the last substitution command is executed. The example shows branching to a label further down in the sed script. You can also branch to a label that appears earlier in the script, thus creating a looping effect:
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Figure 5.13 PathErr and ResvErr Messages
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Part V Access Application Tools
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Using the business-delegate pattern has the following consequences:
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andf(PF) (N/cm)
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Configuring Java preferences Understanding classpath details Adding libraries Setting JAVA_HOME Using and creating environment variables
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IP/MPLS VPN Protocol Fundamentals
MultiPart Message Header Part Contains either Content BodyPart BodyPart BodyPart Contains either
in cSO2
Next, use any text editor to change the contents of the vidplay.desktop file you created by adding a comment, a file to execute, an icon to display, and an application name. After you save the changes, the new item immediately appears on the menu (no need to restart anything). The following is an example of what the vidplay.desktop entry just created might look like:
Readers familiar with Layer 3 VPRN (RFC 4364, or formal RFC 2547biz) know that different VPRN topologies (for example, hub-spoke VPN, overlapping VPN, extranet, intranet) can be achieved by deploying different import and export Route
FIGURE 22.11 Displaying Quick Watch information about an expression.
CB2 Peripheral Control lines These bits determine if the control lines will be an interrupt input or an output control signal Ifbit CRA-5 ICRB-51is low, CA2 (CB21 is an interrupt input line similar to CAI ICE11 When CRA-5 ICRB-5) is high. CA2 ICBZI becomes an output signal that may be used to control peripheral data transfers When in the output mode, CAZ and CBZ have slightly different loading characieristics
A:PE-163# configure router mpls interface to-PE164 A:PE-163>config>router>mpls>if# info ---------------------------------------------label-map 100 swap 200 nexthop no shutdown exit ---------------------------------------------A:PE-163>config>router>mpls>if#
= Re R (t) ej 2 fc t with N (t) a complex AWGN processes with PSD 2N0 Watts/Hertz, then the decision metric analogous to (7.8) would be
(large SNR) behavior of the PEP performance curve. The speci c example to be considered is a system with again four transmit antennas and the class of half-rate (r = 1) QPSK codes for which x3 = x1 , x4 = x2 , and 2 1 = /4. For pairs of trellis branches that originate from the same state, for example, parallel paths, we have from (14.144) that
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