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2 Running Commands from the Shell
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Running Applications
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No Diversity Pre-Detection SSC Post-Detection SSC (Model 2) Post-Detection SSC (Model 1) Pre-Detection SC Post-Detection SC (Model 2) Post-Detection SC (Model 1)
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FIGURE 8.1 Add remote software repositories to install more software packages during Fedora installation.
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C2Hz (5.85).
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TCP:D=1090 S=l038 ACK=965280927 SEQ=88896 LEN=1460 WIN=65535 TCP:D=1090 S=1038 ACK=965280927 SEQ=90356 LEN=1460 WIN=65535 TCP:D=1038 S= 1090 ACK=88896 WIN=64240 TCP:D=1090 S=1038 ACK=965280927 SEQ=91816 LEN=892 WIN=65535 TCP:D=1090 S=1038 ACK=965280927 SEQ=92708 LEN=1460 WIN=65535 TCP:D=1038 S=1090 ACK=91816 WIN=64240
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So, if we ignore the possibility for ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exceptions, what s wrong with this code Imagine what happens after you push three objects on the stack and then pop them off. While the stack is empty, it still contains the references to those three objects, preventing those objects from being garbage-collected.
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Using the GNOME panels
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snmpModules (3)
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Exploring a simple XML Data source
Windows Scripting Libraries
subgroups, the aggregate functions are performed on each subgroup. The nal result is one summation row for each group, as shown in Figure 12-3. A common example is grouping the sales result by salesperson. A SUM() function without the grouping would produce the SUM() of all sales. Writing a query for each salesperson would provide a SUM() for each person, but maintaining that over time would be cumbersome. The grouping function automatically creates a subset of data grouped for each unique salesperson, and then the SUM() function is calculated for each salesperson s sales. Voil` . a
He is no different than them in their worship, and he adds importantly that out of his ardor for truth and duty to the gods he has learned many cults, rites, and ceremonies actions evocative of religio and nothing more.111 But then, in one of the most interesting passages of the Apology, because its implications reverberate for his accusers, audience, and judge, as well as for modern readers, Apuleius directly and consciously embroils the proper observance of religio with magic. The issue is what may seem to others as magical:112
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