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SELECT DISTINCT c.Region, b.Region FROM dbo.Customer AS c INNER JOIN dbo.Event_mm_Customer AS ec ON c.CustomerID = ec.CustomerID INNER JOIN dbo.Event AS e ON ec.EventID = e.EventID INNER JOIN dbo.Tour AS t ON e.TourID = t.TourID INNER JOIN dbo.BaseCamp AS b ON t.BaseCampID = b.BaseCampID WHERE c.Region IS NOT NULL ORDER BY c.Region, b.Region;
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Anthony, E. J. (1958a) An Etiological Approach to the Diagnosis of Psychosis in Childhood , Revue de Psycbiatrie Infantile 25: 89-96. Anthony, E. J. (1958b) An Experimental Approach to the Psychopathology o f Childhood Autism , BritishJournal o Medical Psychology 21: 211-25. f Asperger, H. (1944) Die autistischen Psychopathen im Kindesalter , Arcbivfar Psychiatrie und Nerve%kmn&&m 117: 76-136. Trans. U. Frith in U. Frith (ed.) (1991) Autism and A@e gerSyndmrne, pp. 37-92. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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Linux systems and their UNIX kin provide many network services, and with them many avenues for cracker attacks. You should know these services and how to limit access to them. What do I mean by a network service Basically, I am referring to any task that the computer performs that requires it to send and receive information over the network using some predefined set of rules. Routing e-mail is a network service. So is serving Web pages. Your Linux box has the potential to provide thousands of services. Many of them are listed in the /etc/services file. Look at a snippet of that file:
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a variation of the Purex process is being developed to reprocess spent fuel. This modi cation of the Purex process is such that only U and Tc are extracted from the ssion products and TRU nuclei (Np, Pu, Am, Cm). It is called the UREX process (uranium extraction). It is intended to recover .99.9% of the U, .95% of the Tc and leave .99.9% of the TRU nuclei in the acid waste. All chemicals used in the process are converted to gases in subsequent processing to minimize waste. A Purex separation is carried out using 30% TBP in kerosene working on a 1 M HNO3 solution of spent fuel and then acetohydroxamic acid (AHA), an analog of hydroxylamine, is used to reduce Np(VI) to nonextractible Np(V) and to complex Pu(IV) and Np(IV), preventing their extraction. Figures 16.14 and 16.15 show the owsheet for the UREX process and its place in the total, new proposed treatment of spent fuel. Other work on pyrochemical processes involving electrochemical reduction steps in molten salt baths is also underway. Transmutation Transmutation is the term used in connection with waste management to describe a nuclear process in which long-lived nuclides are changed into shorter-lived nuclides by nuclear reactions. Possible sources of bombarding particles are neutrons from reactors or accelerators that have been con gured to produce large neutron uxes, by reactions, such as spallation. Fast neutrons are preferred as the bombarding particle because some of the relevant isotopes of the actinides Np, Am, and Cm are not thermally ssionable. 129I and 99Tc, on the other hand, are readily destroyed in thermal uxes. Transmutation can also be used to destroy plutonium from dismantled nuclear weapons. Of course, the
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Reads on a row are blocked until the transaction is committed.
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The backup application vendors are constantly developing agents that interface with the business applications, especially those that have an interface that allows it to be quiesced. This enables the backup application to more easily perform hot backups which are backups of the business application data that can be performed while it is still online and available to the users and customers. Some of these business applications are very mature in this area and offer a lot of backup options. Today, it is common to use the more advanced integrated data protection features we discussed earlier in this chapter for protecting the business application data. Some of the business application vendors are extending these capabilities by adding even more application interfaces or more options for the backup agents to leverage. Almost all of the business application data today exists on some type of RAID device. With the backup vendors offering the ability to manage, via the business application interface the pausing of the business application, the creation of a snapshot of the data, releasing the business application and then using the snapshot as a backup object, we see the perfect marriage of different tools and techniques to allow for better data protection.
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Does your list of decision makers include the CEO or someone reporting directly to him or her How about the chief financial officer or equivalent A technology guru One or more division heads or country managers The board The organization s bankers The earlier in the process you can identify them, the more time you have to do the homework needed to figure out what they care about and how you can provide them with what they would need to give you the decisions you want. For example, in the case of Monica Ashley, the product developer featured in the example on our website mentioned earlier, she had to inf luence the CEO, Gary Dorr; the senior management staff that worked with Dorr; an oldtimer vice president, Ralph Parker, who was dug in against the technology she believed necessary; Ed Kane, Parker s nasty direct report assigned to the project; her boss, Dan Stella; senior scientist, Phil Edison; the board; and others. Some she knew well, and others she had to get to know and learn to deal with. Once you have your list of decision makers, you can begin to understand their situations (their worlds) and determine the currencies they value. What will they need to know or have happen to gain their support Based on what you know, what are the likely pressures on them in their roles Pressures will vary by the industry or sector the organization is in, its competitors, and context, but decision makers will also usually be affected by well-known forces in the economy and political world. Some of the common conditions likely to affect decision makers are listed in Table 13.1. Which of these conditions are the decision makers likely to be thinking and worrying about What keeps them up at night The higher the position of the decision maker, the more long-term issues are likely to be in the forefront of his or her thinking and the greater the expectations and inf luence of the external financial community. What will your change do to
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Part III The Enterprise Information System Tier
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as built drawings and other details of those works that fall within
Some Examples of Registers and Offsets in Real Mode Segment Register 16-bit Offset cs IP DS BX, SI, DI, 16-bit value ss SP or BP
Linux First Steps
Linearly Polarized Light
The preceding XML document contains information about a sales order. The following example shows the FOR XML EXPLICIT code needed to produce the preceding output:
The common law limited the class of persons who could sue to enforce contractual bargains. This limitation is known as the doctrine of privity of contract. As a general rule this doctrine (subject to one exception) prevents non-parties from enforcing contractual bargains, even if the contract was made for their bene t and they have suffered loss. Privity of contract prevents strangers from interfering in the private affairs of others, but nevertheless sometimes causes problems for persons who, although non-parties to a particular contract, are nevertheless intended to bene t from it. The classic example of this problem is where A and B enter into a contract under which A pays, or agrees to pay, B to perform a service for C. If B fails to perform the service adequately, or at all, C has no right to sue B either for repayment of the price or for compensation. Only A can sue B for the consequences of non-performance, and vice versa. However, sometimes even A may not have an effective remedy if he has not suffered a substantial loss as a result of the breach, even though C may have suffered a substantial loss. The result is that sometimes a non-party with a direct interest in the performance of a contract (or at least some of its terms) may be unable to recover compensation for the loss he has suffered. The doctrine of privity of contract is particularly troublesome in relation to building projects where non-parties often have an interest in the proper performance of building contracts and professional appointments. These interested parties are often, though not exclusively, funders and prospective or actual occupiers of the proposed structure. Until quite recently the interests of these third parties were unenforceable at their suit, even if expressly recognised in building contracts or professional appointments. However, an exception to the doctrine of privity of contract has been recognised in recent times, and was extended to building contracts in 1994 (see section 8.1). In addition it has long been possible to avoid the doctrine of privity of contract in a number of situations: rst, under the law of agency; second, by way of assignment; third, by way of a collateral contract; and fourth, by way of an action in tort for negligence. Finally, the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 has enabled third parties to enforce contractual rights in which they have an interest in certain limited circumstances. 56
Certificates are generally digitally signed by a third-party certificate authority (CA) that has verified the identity of the requester and the validity of the request to have the certificate signed. In most cases, the CA is a company that has made arrangements with the Web browser vendor to have its own certificate installed and trusted by default client installations. The CA then charges the server operator for its services. Commercial certificate authorities vary in price, features, and browser support, but remember that price is not always an indication of quality. Some popular CAs include InstantSSL (, Thawte (, and VeriSign (
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When querying ChangeTable, the sys_Change_Context column returns the context data. The CAST() function converts it to readable text:
The Query Editor can maintain multiple open query documents and connections within the tabbed document area. In fact, different queries may be connected as different users, which is very useful for testing security. In addition, the Query Editor can open and work with a .sql le even when not connected to a server. When Query Editor rst opens, it prompts for an initial login. To make further connections, use the File New Connection menu command. The New Query toolbar button opens a new Query Editor document. There s some intelligence in how it selects the current database for the new query. If Object Explorer had focus before the New Query button is pressed, then the new query is connected to Object Explorer s currently selected database. If the Query Editor had focus, then the new query opens to the same database as the Query Editor s current query. You can also switch a query s connection to another server using the Query Connection menu, the Change Connection toolbar button, or the Query Editor s context menu. By default, the Query tab displays the current SQL Server and database name merged with the lename; but it s too long to t, so it s cut off in the middle. Don t forget that with SQL Server 2008, you can now open a new query connected to multiple servers using the Registered Server s server group context menu.
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